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Contract Sharing Network to launch in place of National Survey as part of PestEx 2017 seminar schedule

BPCA's Servicing Committee has recently approved a new initiative, the Contract Sharing Network.

The network will be launched at PestEx with a seminar presentation from Ben Massey, BPCA Marketing and Communications Manager. The presentation ‘Contract Sharing Network (CSN) launch; is this the game changer?', will be in place of the previously advertised ‘National Survey 2.0; stay ahead of the competition'.

Developed in parallel with our new website, the Contract Sharing Network (CSN) enables improved member to member search through an enhanced members area, and an ability for companies to (anonymously) post adverts to permission-based pages so potential sub-contractors can submit their interest. The network is open to all BPCA members who agree to operate by the CSN Code of Conduct.

Adrian Gough of AG Pest Management who was part of the working group to develop the network said,

"The CSN is a fantastic opportunity for smaller companies like mine. It means that the phone won't just be ringing from my clients, but also other BPCA members who need a pest controller in my area because they haven't got someone local".

In addition, by joining the network BPCA members will be able to influence the commercial search used by clients who are looking for organisations as they will be able to more confidently facilitate national coverage.

Martin Rose-King of Bounty Pest Control, also part of the CSN working group said,

"The contract sharing network enables slightly larger companies to attract more business and find other companies to sub-contract to with greater confidence and ease. In the working group, we were heavily focused on achieving quality control so the network will benefit from its own sub-committee moving forward."

BPCA members can signal their interest in joining the network by emailing with relevant contact information.

PestEx attendees can still subscribe to receive a copy of the National Survey (Due Spring 2017) which will include supporting recommendations for Local Authorities and Pest Control Companies.


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