10 March 2021

VIDEO: Ian Andrew interviewed by Talking Pest Management

Our Chief Executive Ian Andrew was once again interviewed by Talking Pest Management (TPM) where he called for all key workers, including pest control professionals, to be brought up the Covid-19 vaccination priority list.


Talking Pest Management is a collection of short topical video interviews undertaken with pest professionals around the world – made by pest professionals and aimed at pest professionals. 

In the interview, Ian explained how BPCA is campaigning to get pest controllers, and for that matter all key workers, brought up the vaccination priority list.

Key workers have kept the economy running and pest professionals are visiting homes and businesses every day, protecting public health. 

TPM host, Daniel Schröer, complimented BPCA on all the excellent coronavirus guidance material the Association has produced.

Visit PestExtra on 16-18 March

Ian concluded his interview by encouraging all those listening to take the opportunity to join us at PestExtra on 16, 17 and 18 March. Ian told TPM how disappointed the Staff team was to have to cancel PestEx 2021, which will return next year, but that PestExtra will fill the gap nicely.

Much effort has gone into its preparation and it combines not only five concurrently run seminar theatres, but also a coffee lounge where delegates can ‘meet and chat’, roundtable discussions and a scavenger hunt with prizes. Add this to over 40 exhibitors and you certainly have a busy three days.

He explained how such virtual events may be new to many delegates, so a series of videos has been produced to help delegates become familiar on what is available and how it all works.

Watch the full interview with Talking Pest Management below. 

Previously on TPM

Ian was first interviewed for Talking Pest Management in early May last year when the topic of the mental health of those working within the industry was a key discussion point, following the results of our Covid-19 impact survey.

Ian told TPM that feedback from BPCA’s activities has been very mixed and how often mental health is regarded as a taboo subject. “We all need to look after our mental health and do need somewhere to vent our feelings if faced with a problem.”

BPCA member Bayer responded to the survey results by teaming up with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), who will be giving two presentations about their activities at PestExtra next week.


All those working within the professional pest control industry are invited to sign-up to Talking Pest Management. It’s completely free and each time a new interview is released a link will be sent to your computer or phone so you can watch each interview when it’s convenient.


All previous interviews can be seen on the Talking Pest Management site and are also available as audio podcasts:



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