13 September 2017

Apprenticeships update

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BPCA announced earlier this year that it’s Pest Control Employer Development Group (EDG) had produced the Pest Control Technician Apprenticeship Standard ready for submission to the Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme. We caught up with the new Chair of the group to see how plans are coming along.

Martin Rose-King is an active member of BPCA’s Servicing Committee and a partner at Bounty Pest Control.

Why do you think a formal pest control technician apprenticeship is important for the sector?

We have a unique opportunity to create an apprenticeship which will bring new talent to our industry and increase the professional profile of our industry.

Where are we now in the Trailblazer process and what’s next?

In April, the apprenticeship standard was approved by the Skills Funding Agency. So we have the framework approved. The next task for the group is to create the first draft of the End Point Assessment Plan. The group met again in August to be able to circulate a first draft for wider consultation in the Autumn.

Why is it important for BPCA to be a part of the process?

BPCA have facilitated the Trailblazer group and provided many aspects of support to the group since the outset. We have been lucky to have such support.

Why is it important to encourage young people into the industry?

Our industry is changing at a faster rate that most of us can remember, from legal aspects to our ever-changing environment.
With these changes come many new challenges which BPCA and fellow professionals are embracing, I can’t think of a more interesting time for a young person to come into an industry that offers a dynamic and interesting career.

Young people often bring fresh ideas and approaches which can only be a good thing for our industry. They are also the business leaders and company owners of tomorrow. However, it’s important to stress modern apprenticeships are not just aimed at young people.

What do you think the benefit is for a professional pest management company to take on an apprentice?

The Trailblazer group understands that the potential of being able to take on an apprentice gives companies an opportunity that we have not had before.

Some of the larger companies in our industry have career paths that new employees can follow but now, for the first time, we will have a recognised apprenticeship standard that companies of all sizes can access. The scheme will enable companies to take on an apprentice knowing that they will have the opportunity to have a fully rounded pest controller in their employment at the end of the process.

I can’t think of a more interesting time for a young person to come into an industry that offers a dynamic and interesting career.

Martin Rose-King, Chair of Pest Control Employer Development Group,

How did you join the industry?

My first insight into the pest control industry was in 1994 when part of my civilian duties for the Ministry of Defence was pest control in the barracks where I worked.

I was sent to Blackdown Barracks in Aldershot for a couple of weeks where I learned many aspects of pest management for use both in the UK and abroad in jungles, the latter of which I have never needed to use! From there I began working for a company providing pest control for a local authority before going on to set up Bounty Pest Control with my wife.

I have been lucky enough to work with some very knowledgeable people in our industry who supported me in my early days and continue to inspire me today.

Got a question for the working group? Contact our training team today.

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