13 September 2017

“I don’t need to join BPCA – I just need a badge.”

Chief Exec viewpoint | PPC88 September 2017

Since our work on the pheromone issue, where alongside our members and their clients we managed to stave off an attack on their viability as a product, we have also worked to keep a range of rodenticides on the shelves through a consultation with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

We also carried out training for a range of BRC clients, telling them why they need to use a BPCA Member every time. And we attended the CIEH Conference to explain the role of professional pest control, speaking to hundreds of environmental health professionals along the way.

I talked to a pest management company recently, and asked why they were not a BPCA Member. Their answer left me cold. They said they weren’t bothered about paying for all the work BPCA did: they were happy to let others pay and just spend a few quid buying a badge elsewhere.

When I asked whether they used pheromone traps or rodenticides, they said “of course” – I explained how BPCA had got the results listed above. That’s where your money is being spent.

When it comes down to it, without BPCA and its members, there would be a lot fewer products available. You’d be paying a lot more for moving waste. Our industry wouldn’t have a professional standard for companies or individuals.

So what’s the next challenge? Insecticide stewardship? More attacks on how we do our jobs? Another ream of red tape by some unknowing civil servant? And where are you going to get the support to fend off these problems?

There’s only one place: BPCA.

But we can’t do this without your active involvement.

As always – thanks go to all the members that have actively supported our campaigning. Everyone needs to be a part of the professional body for pest control. We’re not just a badge – we’re a whole lot more than that.

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Simon-Forrester-staff-bubbleSimon Forrester
Chief Executive

15 September 2017  |  PPC88

Source: PPC88

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