06 March 2018

BPCA ‘paralleled governance’ dates

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2018 sees the realisation of BPCA’s paralleled committee meeting structure. In previous years Servicing Committee meetings had been placed close to Executive Board meetings for convenience. However, this year will see a few changes to make a more streamlined meeting schedule.

Meeting dates for paralleled goverance

Tom Holmes, BPCA President, said: “Back in June, we identified ‘engagement’ as a key priority for us. Publishing when meetings are taking place allows members to come along and ‘try before they buy’, should they be interested in getting involved in any of the current committees.

“The committee dates are aligned a few weeks before each Executive Board meeting, making it easier for the committee to bring items to the Board. What’s more, by publishing dates upfront, there is greater transparency in managing members’ expectations of turnaround times.”

Get in touch if you have a subject you’d like to be covered at any of the various meetings.


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