16 November 2017

Meet the Servicing Committee Chairman

Committee in Focus | PPC89 November 2017

Committee in focus Howard Taff

Howard Taffs, Managing Director and owner of Good Riddance Pest Control in Bristol, took over as Servicing Committee Chairman in September.  We caught up with Howard to pose a few questions.

Thanks for agreeing to talk to PPC Howard. Can we start by asking why you wanted to become Servicing Committee Chairman?

I’m committed to improving the sector. I also want to give something back to the industry that’s given me a career. Watching the job Phil Halpin (Countrywide) has done, I’ve been impressed – he’s a tough act to follow!

You controversially stated at your interview for the role that you see this as a two-year post. Why is that?

I think it’s important to bring in new blood on a regular basis, to generate ideas and keep things both fresh and relevant. After this period, I’d like to hand over to someone with the passion and will to develop the BPCA, to meet the needs of servicing and consultant members in an ever-improving way.

As you’ve rightly pointed out, there are some really passionate people on the Committee. What do you think are the Committee’s key areas to explore over the next 24 months?

My first meeting as Committee Chairman is set to address just that issue! I don’t think I should impose this – BPCA is a democratic organisation. The Servicing Committee came up with a lot of the ideas that formulate policy, spark the articles in PPC magazine and identify speaker topics for regional meetings, PPC Live and PestEx. So that’s what we intend to do. By soliciting ideas for the future, we will be a stronger organisation.

What do you want to achieve from your time as Servicing Committee Chairman?

I would like to begin widening the Committee membership to increase diversity. I believe we are in danger of becoming a room full of ‘pale, stale males’, (to steal a quote from wiser heads) so I’d like to encourage people we don’t currently represent to apply to join the Committee. I also want to expand the appeal of the Committee and help BPCA to lead our sector forward.

What form will that leadership take?

I want to encourage everyone to have a voice – after all, it’s our association.

We hope your commitment to BPCA won’t draw your eye too far from the day job. How will you balance these competing demands on your time?

While I’m still very much involved in getting my hands dirty, I’m lucky to have got my business to a point where I can delegate some of the day-to-day activities to my team of three staff. And my wife is also very supportive of this move.

As Servicing Committee Chairman, you also take a seat on BPCA’s Executive Board, which represents the broader membership. How do you think you’ll balance the two roles?

I know it will be a challenge, but being a member of the Board already means that I am fully aware of the time and cost of the combined roles. It seems to me that we are at a critical point with stewardship beginning to take effect, and yet more label changes on the way. It is crucially important that the BPCA is seen as the clear representative of the industry as a whole to communicate to both legislators and the public the vital work we do keeping people safe, healthy and anxiety free.

You benefit from extensive experience in the pest control industry. For professionals looking to emulate your personal development in the sector, can you share any advice or guidance?

[laughs] Don’t do it like me! There is an old adage that you should not take your work home with you and this turns out to be doubly true of bed bugs. Apparently telling your wife that the insect running across the sheets at 2.00am is ‘merely a weevil’ does not work when she has been married to a pest controller for over 30 years.


Born 1957 in Kettering. Due to his early years in Northamptonshire being so far from the sea, Howard resolved to never be more than 10 miles from the coast for the rest of his life! After attending a local grammar school, Howard completed degrees at Aberdeen and Imperial College.

His lifelong passion for birding has led him to identify at least one species never before seen in Europe. It has also taken him to many less-known corners of the world. A poor sense of direction has lead to tricky moments such as accidentally arriving at the Syrian border and entering a Middle-Eastern air base.

Howard worked up through a large organisation from technician to regional director before deciding that large businesses were not for him.

2002 Set up Good Riddance Pest Control.
2007 Bought another company after a retirement sale and took on a technician, who is still with Good Riddance. 
2013 Joined BPCA through the Probationary scheme.
2014 Joined BPCA’s Servicing Committee.
2016 Joined BPCA’s Executive Board.
2017 Became Servicing Committee Chairman.

Who are the Servicing Committee members?

BPCA’s Servicing Committee constitutes 20 servicing companies and consultants representing the interests of the service sector of the public health pest control industry, with the aim of influencing key decision makers in Government on legislative proposals.

Adrian Gough, AG Pest Management Ltd

Andrew Hunn, East Coast Pest Control Ltd

Andrew Purcell, Ecolab Ltd

Callum Gale, JG Pest Control

Chris Corbett, Aderyn Ltd

Chris Davis, Cleankill (Environmental Services) Ltd

Chris South, Aveland Pest Solutions Ltd

Chris Swindells, Acheta Consulting Ltd

David Cross, Rentokil Pest Control

David Lodge, Beaver Pest Control LLP

Dr Mike Ayers BSc (Hons) PHd, Precision Pest Management Solutions Ltd

James Wilkinson, Suddenstrike Ltd

Martin Rose-King, Bounty Pest Control and Environmental Services

Matthew Seabrook, III Shires Pest Control

Michael Kilburn, Elite Pest Management Ltd

Morgan Francis, Europest Environmental Services Ltd

Jenny Humphrey, DRE Pest Control Ltd

Nigel White, Tactical Environmental Services Ltd

Robert Long, Sabre Kent Ltd


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