17 November 2017

New member benefit: Printshop


The print shop is now open. Visit it here (main contact login required). 

Marketing and promotions feature | PPC89 November 2017

New member benefit BPCA printshop

Print is very much alive, but it has to be used in the right way. Print is potent in maintaining brand recognition, adding significant value to customer service and, ultimately, keeping your logo (and mugshot) around long after you’ve gone.

A print shop? How does that help me?

Here are the bones of it. To make a flyer yourself you will have to spend X amount on it being designed, more on stock photography, and another X amount on printing it. All of which adds up to time away from your customers.

You need pest control here's why

We have purchased an automated cloud-based system, commissioned some templates to be designed, and carefully selected a professional print outfit that can deliver a quality finish and service.

From January 2018, you will be able to log into the BPCA website, customise designs and either send them to be printed (by a selected printer) or download the PDF and print it yourself (or send to a printer of your choice).

This means you save all the money on the custom design costs, the stock photography and only get charged for printing!

It also means that the “Why you need pest control” flyer (which, in urban areas, will be used by multiple companies) can now be delivered with significantly enhanced customisation. Less BPCA branding and more branding.

How it works

All member main contacts will have permission to a web page on the BPCA website where they can select, customise and approve printed literature, personalised to their company.

1.  Finding the Printshop

Log into BPCA’s website and navigate to the benefits page in the members’ area (this is the launch pad for activating all other benefits). This will take you to the BPCA PrintShop.

2. Accessing the Printshop

Register (or log-in for returning users) with your BPCA affiliated email address. Upload a company logo, contact information, brief ‘about us’ text and any other relevant information. Preview all print literature personalised, and only worry about design edits.

3.  Selecting a design

Browse the range of print literature available. Please note these are very early days, so as we gain feedback and requests from members, we can put more options into the Printshop.

4. Editing a design

Select an item, which can be viewed and copy amended for unlocked areas of the template. The proofing process will then allow a print-ready document to be accepted.

5. Ordering a design

Once a design is accepted, select the number of copies to be printed, or choose ‘download design only’. The member will then be taken to the payment screen to secure the order. The order will be sent to BPCA, to approve, and after acceptance, the job will be issued.

What does it cost?

Download-only PDFs are in the region of £2.50, and you can have 1,000 A6 double-sided flyers, designed, printed and posted for less than £80.


If you currently pay for print, let us know where we can help you save money.

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16 November 2017  |  PPC89

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