28 November 2017

Pest advice for controlling Spider Beetles

A group of beetles with globular abdomens and relatively long legs, superficially resembling small spiders, 3-4mm long. General scavengers of all sorts of animal and vegetable debris and stored food, and frequently associated with old birds’ nests. The Golden Spider Beetle (below) is covered with golden hairs while the Globular Spider Beetle is a shiny, dark brown colour.

Spider beetle -1The Australian Spider Beetle is by far the commonest species. Adults may feign death when disturbed. The female lays up to 1,000 eggs, which are sticky. The fleshy larvae roll up when disturbed, but when ready to pupate they wander about and may get into cracks and crevices in floors or shelves.


Seek out and eliminate the source of infestation. Treat thoroughly with a long-lasting insecticide; an aerosol or powder according to the site. Ensure the product is labelled for stored product insect control or beetle control.

Having problems with Spider Beetles?

Use a trained professional pest controller.

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