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22 July 2016

BREXIT... 4 questions for the BPCA Membership

The referendum vote for the UK to exit the European Union presents both challenges and opportunities for Britain, and for our sector.  The Conservative government has a priority to maintain and build on the UK's strong economic position as they work to put in place the arrangements that make sure that the UK remains ‘open for business' and continues to grow and thrive.  In fulfilling that ambition we must let them know our needs.

There is real determination across Government to engage professional trade bodies fully as they work to develop an approach to leaving the EU. Most immediately they are actively seeking to gather inputs in four areas. Some of these will be of more relevance to your business than others, but all four need an answer from BPCA. By responding we can take this opportunity to develop a stronger, better pest control market for all BPCA Members.

First, are there immediate risks that you see following the referendum outcome? If there are, your views on what action Government could take to mitigate those risks would be welcomed.  This might include threats to inward investment or specific company decisions.

Second, are there things we should be doing within the UK now to sustain and build business confidence to continue trading and to secure its confidence to invest in innovation and growth?  If so, what?

Third, thinking about our negotiations as we begin the process of exiting the EU, what are your principal concerns and priorities? What outcomes do you want to see in relation to our trading relationship with the EU? Are there particular areas where you are keen to maintain similar arrangements to those currently in place?  Also, are there opportunities to adapt the legislative framework or the way it operates within the UK - which may have been developed to reflect EU Directives - to boost British business? 

Finally, what should our priorities be in framing relationships with the rest of the world and our wider trading environment?  Are there markets you think we should prioritise based on current business levels or the potential you see in those markets? Are there provisions in existing EU FTAs which we should seek to maintain or missed opportunities where we should seek to go beyond what the EU agreed?

The government are currently working to identify where our input will best help move the Brexit plan forwards.  While it may yet be too early for you to offer a comprehensive view of the consequences of the referendum decision for your business, I would greatly welcome any initial high-level comments. You may wish to forward this email to a colleague for a more detailed response.

I will collate your comments and they will be fed into a central database accessible by departments across Government as they work to shape their individual policy agendas.  I am certain that, from time to time, there may be specific points where we will be asked for additional information, but this approach will help to reduce the number of calls for your input and avoid duplication of effort.

Also by engaging with Government, BPCA will be copied into regular updates on plans and progress over the coming months. Two-way communication is important, and it places BPCA firmly in the driving seat for our sector.

The challenge we face in shaping the UK's trading environment is an important one.  For possibly the first time ever, Government are actively listening to our views on how they can support long term business success in our and other industries. If you see things that you can do to help deliver that ambition, in addition to answering my questions above, do get in touch.

To respond to the four questions, please email me at by Friday 12 August.


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