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12 November 2014

Disposal of rodent carcasses and other waste

BPCA Members are well aware of the potential difficulties surrounding disposal of waste in general and rodent carcases in particular. Disposal of dead rodents was straightforward at one time, most Local Authority waste sites or hospitals with incinerators accepted the carcases for burning or burying. These options are fast disappearing for varied reasons...

So, for Professional Pest Controllers, it has become necessary to have clearer disposal routes which look to preclude any potential conflict with current Waste guidelines.

Sources of Rodent Bodies

Small infestations (no more than half a dozen rodent bodies) may be managed by double bagging and disposing of via the Domestic system.

Commercial Sites:
Carcases from commercial sites will have to be disposed of through traceable means. The options available are limited:

  • Local Authority Waste Sites: Becoming increasingly difficult
  • Pet Crematoria: In discussion with the governing body for these sites, they can take small amounts, assessed by weight. They cannot take large quantities as they are controlled by Planning Regulations and are approved primarily for the disposal of Companion Pets. You can find contact details of local crematoria on the following sites:

Agricultural Sites:
It is permitted to bury rodent carcases on farm sites, but the method is far from clear and filled with potential pitfalls. Burial must ensure that water sources are not contaminated and therefore the recommended depth seem to preclude this as an economic viability.

But as always, there are alternatives. BPCA has linked with a Waste Broker who can provide nationwide service for the disposal of most waste created in the course of running a Pest Control business.

The Contact Details are:

It is essential to ensure that the Route of Disposal for waste is traceable and therefore it is inherent in guidelines that the waste creator (you the Pest Controller) must keep clear and accurate records.

By utilising the services of a registered waste broker you should ensure a professional paper trail for your business.