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09 October 2018

Committees, renewals and BPCA Registered

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With membership renewals and a significant new membership benefit just around the corner, we catch up with Membership Officer, Rachel Eyre as she prepares for her busiest time of the year.

I’m sure plenty of BPCA members know me – I’m Rachel and I’m the longest serving member of staff. In fact, I’ve been working for the Association for 26 years!

Rachel helping a member at PestEx 2017

We’re now approaching my busiest time of the year.

First off, the M&D Committee, Servicing Committee and FaCE Forum have all just met. Hot on their heels will be the Board meeting. I’m the minute secretary for all these committees, forums and the Exec Board – so it’s fair to say I’ll have had my fair share of pest control meetings this month.

For those that don’t know, the committees feed all their guidance, concerns and thoughts for the future to the Executive Board, who then charge the Staff team with making things happen. If you’re interested in getting involved with any of the committees, then contact me, and I can get you in touch with the relevant committee chair.

The second thing keeping me busy is getting ready for subscription renewals.

That’s the mammoth process of checking all members still meet their membership criteria and are in the right category. That’s over 700 documents to be sent out and then processed when they’re returned.

It’s no small task and will take me through the rest of year, and be finished at some point in February when membership certificates are issued.

Membership renewals and BPCA Registered

I hope you’ve heard by now that we’re launching our own Individual Recognition and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme called ‘BPCA Registered’. 

Rachel Eyre on BPCA Registered

It’s a new scheme for members only. It’ll allow technical and non-technical staff to achieve, maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and behaviour as well as get those all-important CPD learning hours.

It’s a huge change for BPCA and will be a massive new member benefit. But with every leap forward comes a pile of admin (for me at least)!

“How can I help Rachel with her mountain of admin?” – I hear you ask.

As the renewals are issued, I’m going to need your help more than ever to ensure that the information we hold is correct.

BPCA Registered is charged per member of staff and therefore we obviously want to ensure that you are charged correctly!

All BPCA Servicing, M&D and Consultant members will have their technical staff automatically opted in to BPCA Registered as at 1 January 2019.

If you’re planning to remain on another scheme, such as Basis or an in-house CPD scheme, you can ‘opt out’ on your renewals and you won't be charged (although make sure you have a look at our BPCA Registered page first so you know what you're missing).

It may also be that in addition to your technical staff, your administration team want to be involved so you’ll need to let us know by completing and sending me back your details by the due date.

It’ll save me time chasing, and save you getting an incorrect bill!


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