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16 November 2020

Pelsis announces launch of Envirostop non-target species barrier


BPCA Manufacturer and Distributor member Pelsis have launched a non-target species barrier for their Neo® rodent station, to be sold through the groups Edialux Professional brand.


Envirostop® non-target species barrier for Neo is designed to deter non-target animals from entering the Neo rodent station and is an effective tool against rodenticide exposure to non-target animals such as snails and birds.

While protecting non-target animals from rodenticide exposure the Envirostop also reduces the risk of toxic material entering the food chain.

Jon Howells, Product Manager Pro-Pest at Pelsis said: "Designed to work with Neo, the Envirostop is an environmentally friendly moisture-repellent board insert that prevents non-target species such as birds, snails and snakes entering the bait station, all whilst maintaining the efficacy of the Neo’s patented neophobic reducing design.

"Using the Envirostop can help protect non-target animals and reduce the risk of toxic material entering the food chain. It can also help deter gastropods from consuming expensive baits and monitoring products."

For more information, visit the Edialux website.


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Source: Pelsis press release