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28 August 2020

New Board members elected at BPCA 2020 AGM

At BPCA’s 2020 annual general meeting (27 August), members of the Association elected new representatives to the BPCA Executive Board.

BPCA AGM 2020 behind the scenes at BPCA HQ

With the Covid-19 pandemic having delayed the AGM for several months, the event was held online for the first time.

Members voted on several resolutions, including to accept the minutes from the previous AGM and to ratify the 2019 BPCA financial accounts.

Members voted through a secure, online voting portal where the results could be independently scrutinised by a third-party.

As seven eligible candidates put themselves forward for only five open seats on the Board, members had the opportunity to vote on whom they wanted to represent them.

The five new Board members are:

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Exec, congratulated the new Board members, saying “the Executive Board are responsible for leading the Association and representing the whole membership base.

“It’s an enormous responsibility to be a Board member for a lively and active trade association such as BPCA, so thank you to those who have decided to volunteer their time and effort.

“We’re all looking forward to your contributions and insights.”

We’ll be interviewing some of the new Board members in PPC101, so make sure you pick up a copy to meet the new representatives.

Looking back at 2019

Despite 2019 feeling like a long time ago, AGM’s are the perfect opportunity to look back on the previous year’s work.

Those who attended the AGM got to hear reports by Phil Halpin, BPCA’s president, and Mark Williams, the Association’s honorary treasurer.

You can watch back the reports and the whole AGM on the BPCA YouTube channel.

Phil Halpin reflected on the virtual AGM, saying:

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Staff team that managed to get our AGM online and interactive.

“Covid-19 has been trying in so many ways, and this is just another example of the resilience of BPCA.

“You really wouldn’t appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure all members can have their say in how their Association is run”.

He continued, “Congratulations to the newly elected Board members – we’re looking forward to your input and getting you up-to-speed with all the work we have in the pipeline at BPCA.

“And thanks to every member who tuned in live to cast their vote, or sent in their proxy vote.

“Without members voting and taking an interest in the AGM, we’d be unable to keep the Association democratic and representative of the membership”.

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