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10 November 2020

Cholecalciferol rodenticides covered by stewardship regime

Rodenticides based on cholecalciferol are subject to conditions of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime, operated by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK.

This confirmation is prompted by new products coming to the UK market.


CRRU chairman Dr Alan Buckle confirms that pest controllers, farmers or gamekeepers considering the use of cholecalciferol should first read the product label carefully and ensure compliance with general principles defined by the CRRU Code of Best Practice.

"Used responsibly, of course, it is a welcome addition to the options available in the UK for integrated rodent pest management," he says. "For comparisons between cholecalciferol and anticoagulants, users should refer to product manufacturers or distributors."

The CRRU Code of Best Practice is being updated and any cholecalciferol-specific measures will be covered in the new edition.

Meanwhile, the existing version can be downloaded from the Think Wildlife website.


If you're a BPCA member and you have any questions about the new active or the stewardship scheme, get in touch.

Source: CRRU press release