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07 August 2018

MEMtoring; can you help shape the future of pest control?

MEMtoring is an integral part of BPCA's forthcoming individual recognition scheme, where it places practical skills at the heart of learning and development.

MEMtoring, in short, is mentoring from one member to another. If you're new to the industry, or if you just want to build up your practical experience, spending some time with someone who's been there and done it is likely to build your competency and your confidence.

Karen Dawes, Training Development Manager, said:

"BPCA Registered is about moving from a purely points collecting system to something which enables professionals to demonstrate CPD through unstructured means. MEMtoring will only work if we've got enough members willing to put themselves forward and invite colleagues from across the UK to spend time with them on the job."

"For example, Paul (profile below) signalled his interest in helping out when we released news of BPCA Registered and our intention to put practical skills at its heart."

Paul Wilson MEMtoringName: Paul Wilson

Specialism: Birds of prey (Harris Hawks)

Years in pest management: 18

Region: Yorkshire/Humber

Bio: I've been in pest control since 2000 when I joined a company to carry out bird control and proofing/netting on the rail network. This was when my passion for birds of prey took over my working life. Not many people have a job that involves your hobby (hawks, ferrets and working dogs) and can give you an income. After the company went into receivership in 2010, I took my BPCA 2 and moved into mainstream pest control, although this was not my thing, the knowledge I picked up from other pest controllers has given me a sound background in all pests and insects. 

I then had a little bit of luck. After carrying out a flying display I was approached by a company director (British Land) who asked if I could help move pigeons from some office blocks. This led to rabbit, mole, mink, bird and squirrel control with nets, traps, ferrets and air guns, and not long after flying hawks every day became a fulltime job.

At the moment I work for Universal Pest Control covering the Yorkshire/East Midlands area and am more than happy to help anyone looking to start out in hawking. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and you pick up all sorts of tips by talking and working with other pest controllers. Just like everything else in pest control, its a way of life, not a job.

Karen and her team are eager to speak to more members across to the UK who are willing to help share knowledge and experiences, like Paul.

Email to signal your interest in becoming a MEMtor. 



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10 October 2018

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17 September 2018

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13 September 2018

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15 October 2018

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12 October 2018

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11 October 2018

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