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17 July 2019

Syngenta App aims to keep pest techs up to date on the go

A new Syngenta Professional Pest Management App, designed to help technicians get the best out of products, is now available for download to smartphones and tablets. 

 Syngenta Pest App

The App provides instant access to essential information, which it is hoped will help pest professionals to make better decisions on what to treat and how.

“It’s essential for operators to keep up to date with the latest information on all product use and guidelines; the App ensures they always have the information readily to hand,” says Syngenta Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot. “The technology delivers a highly professional service increasingly demanded by today’s customers.”

Built into the App is a convenient record keeping facility, enabling operators to record precisely what has been used and where.

All the information on statutory product label and safety data sheets are held within the App and information on available products has been fully customised to the UK.

It also provides operators with advice, tips and guidelines on best use of products, application rates and a quick calculator for the amount of product required to treat different levels of pest infestation. 

Short instructional and practical videos give guidance on what to look out for when assessing pest infestations, along with advice on how to treat in different situations.

“With the exciting prospect of adding new products to the Syngenta range over the coming year, the App will update automatically with information and best use guidelines for their use right from the outset,” added Daniel.

The Syngenta Professional Pest Management App is now available for free download for iPhone or smartphone from the App Store and Google Play for Android.


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Source: Syngenta press release