21 March 2022

BASF calls out for pest control professionals who have switched to Selontra


BPCA Manufacturer and Distributor member BASF is on the lookout for pest control professionals who have switched to Selontra® to join its growing ambassador programme.

BASF calls out for pest control professionals who have switched to Selontra

Since launching the award-winning cholecalciferol bait to the UK market in November 2020, BASF has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the product, prompting the company to form an ambassador programme of individuals who champion its results and share their experiences with fellow pest controllers. 

This cholecalciferol bait takes control of infestations within as few as seven days, thanks to its high performance, highly palatable, and non-anticoagulant formulation, offering pest controllers a cost-effective and fast solution for even the most challenging of rodent problems.

To date, the ambassador programme consists of seven early adopters who have joined the BASF team on the road to help the manufacturer spread the word within the industry. 

Helen Hall, BASF’s pest control specialist, said: “Throughout 2021, we partnered with Killgerm to take Selontra® on tour and invited our ambassadors to join us at a series of venues around the country.

"The ambassadors shared their knowledge with delegates and talked about their experience of using Selontra® in a variety of different situations, sharing their honest feedback on the bait with fellow pest controllers.” 

We’re delighted to join BASF’s Selontra ambassador programme to share our success after switching to Selontra.

Andrea Smith, Chief Port Health Officer, Manchester Port Health

The tour called at a number of locations including Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster, Letchworth, Peterborough and Winchester.

Helen added: “In 2022, we hope to take our ambassadors on tour across the country again and will also be looking to further develop our ambassador programme by working with new pest controllers who have recently switched to Selontra®. Please do get in touch if you would like to learn more about the programme!” 

Andrea Smith, Chief Port Health Officer at Manchester Port Health and Selontra® ambassador, said: “Selontra® has provided us with a viable and effective alternative to traditional anticoagulant baits and allowed us to gain control of a resistant population in a challenging environment, so much so that the product has now become part of our ongoing permanent baiting strategy.

"We’re delighted to join BASF’s Selontra® ambassador programme to share our success after switching to Selontra®, and hope that our experience will help to encourage more organisations give it a go!”


To find out more about becoming a Selontra® ambassador and share your experience of using the product, get in touch with BASF.


Source: BASF press release