09 May 2022

Terminix UK sold to Norvestor


Terminix Global Holdings, following its merger with Rentokil, has announced the sale of Terminix UK to Norvestor.


The company said that the business will continue to remain focused on providing pest-free environments for customers and a great place to work for its staff.

Norvestor is a leading private equity firm focusing on mid-market businesses primarily in the Nordic region. The team has worked together since 1991, making it one of the most experienced investment teams in Northern Europe.

It has extensive previous experience within the industry and has previously successfully participated in growing a successful European-based pest control business, through diligent focus on customer value and to provide a great working environment for employees.

Through this acquisition, Norvestor is backing and investing in the UK business and in further development of its leading pest control offering.

Norvestor has also acquired Pelias from Terminix Global Holdings. Pelias is a leading Norwegian pest control company and will together with Terminix UK, form part in a new and leading Northern European pest control group with around 600 employees.

"Going forward, we will work closely together with our colleagues in Pelias, and we are excited to share best in class practices and environmental service solutions to meet the sector challenges today and in the future", the UK business said.


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Source: Online