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How to hack smart homes and business

With the advent of smart technology ever more pervasive are we at risk of our homes and businesses hacking us?

Join us as we show how the Internet of Things is bringing attackers inside our houses spying on our CCTV, hacking our kettles and stealing our stuff. Watch as we demonstrate how easy it is to hack common devices such as your children’s doll, your smart padlock or… your connected sex toy.

Although this talk will focus on devices typically used at home, the same flaws are in your smart devices, SCADA networks and corporate devices you use to manage your business.

Tony Gee

SPEAKER: Tony Gee, Associate Partner and Speaker, Pen Test Partners

Tony speaks the world over at technology events highlighting key risks with the internet of things (IoT), automotive and maritime and key payment systems. Tony is able to illustrate and demonstrate critical issues in these systems in a way the audiences of all levels can understand. He has spoken at PCI events in Europe and Asia, at the SC Congress in London, technical conferences such as BSides and many other partner events, including speaking at the US Congress and the European Parliament.

Tony has over 13 years of security experience, he has worked both as an internal blue team consultant within the finance industry and for the technology partner for the world leading Oyster card system and more latterly as an external security tester and auditor.

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