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19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: Baiting Strategies, Assessments, Techniques and Efficacy

As the conditions of use change, almost with each new product label - this session takes us back to the very heart of effective rodent control but combines these approaches with the new decision making processes.

In order to stick within the ’rules’, positively control infestations and apply baits safely, a matrix of assessments need to be considered. But what does this mean and how is this applied in day to day pest management?

A real benefit of IPM is making these processes applicable to the environment in which the pests are active and defining a strategy to get results - no two pest infestations are the same.

The video will cover new best practice guidelines and necessary assessments; appreciating the science of active ingredients and why they are important and combining the art of selecting the right formulations with effective application. 

This presentation premiered at PestExtra 2021: the pest management show online. 

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This video is intended for those working in the pest management sector.

Information correct at time of filming.

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