Pest management is essential survey

We think youre essential BPCA - prove it

Pest management is essential for protecting public health and safety. You know it. We know it. Now it’s time to tell the world.

We want to know who you protect, so we can better lobby the Government on issues relating to pest management – most notably – so we can get pest professionals deemed as essential workers during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Pest management touches every aspect of UK citizens' lives. From food safety, to transport, to farming, office buildings, to your local corner shop – pest professionals are there protecting people.

Whether you’ve temporarily shut up shop, or you’re still providing essential services, this survey will help us all be better noticed and more respected as a profession.

Have you ever been frustrated that pest management goes largely unnoticed by the rest of the world? Have you ever complained that pest management is seen as a panic purchase that people don’t want to pay for? Have you ever felt unheard by legislators? 

If you answered yes, then you can help BPCA make a difference.

We want to know:

  • Who you protect (specific company name or description such as “large supermarket” or “local Indian restaurant”)?
  • Where are they (rough location such as “Derby” or “London”)?
  • The type of work you’ve done there (proofing, rodent control, bird management, etc).

You DO NOT need to name your client if you don't want to.


Large supermarket in Derby city centre. Site has reported a problem with House Mice in the store. House Mice present will breed and populate unless regular visits are made to bring them under control.

Foodbank on outskirts of Nottingham. Site has reported rats externally leading to concerns that unless brought under control they will enter the building and spoil vital supplies.

Your responses are completely anonymous. We will not use the information for any other purposes than lobbying. We will not contact your clients.

We want to hear about all the types of work you do, big or small.

We want to show the legislators who we protect and how.

Will you help us?

Pest management is essential

List of clients you protect, including name or description, location of the client, and the type of work you do for them. Include as many companies as you can.

BPCA will not use the information you have provided for anything other than lobbying activity. We will never contact your client. Your information was collected anonymously, and we have no way of knowing what company you work for.

You might want to seek permission to share your client’s name. If in doubt, leave the name out and describe their organisation instead.

We want to hear about all the types of work you do, in particular, the work on other essential sites (food supply chain, hospitals, schools, care homes and other sensitive sites.