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05 August 2021

Changes to BPCA Exec Board as Martin Harvey steps down

Former BPCA President Tom Holmes rejoins the BPCA Executive Board as Immediate Past President, while Martin Harvey takes a step back.

changes to bpca exec board

Martin was elected to the Board in 2010, appointed as Vice-President in 2012 and President in 2014, serving for two years. He has since served as Immediate Past President until this year as he steps down.

Martin has been the Immediate Past President for the last three Presidents; Paul Rodman, Tom Holmes and Phil Halpin.

Some of Martin's achievements during his Presidential Term include the introduction of CEPA Certified and it was his term that saw BPCA put professionalism ahead of status quo and changed criteria to 100% qualified, all while overseeing consistent growth in both membership and turnover.

During Martin's time on the Board we’ve:

• Changed CEO’s twice (Simon & Ian)
• Retained anti-coagulants
• Introduced Regional Forums (2012)
• Launched Business Shield
• Won numerous awards, including TAS Association of the Year.

Martin thanked the Board, saying:

"My time as Immediate Past President has seemed like the movie "Groundhog Day" at some points with the unusual moves with the Presidency but I've doggedly stuck at it and have seen a lot of changes in my time on the Board. I believe that the current issue with glue boards in particular has brought us together as an industry and whilst there have been a lot of changes there are a lot more changes needed if we are to maintain and improve the image of pest control in the UK.

"I also want to thank Lorraine and her team, who have been a rock throughout my term."

Lorraine Norton, BPCA Operations Manager, commented:

"It's been a long innings for Martin on our Board and it's been a genuine pleasure. As part of the driving force behind the Association since 2010, he's been instrumental in many of the moves we've made towards a more professional industry.

"A big thank you from everyone on the BPCA Staff team for his time, energy and input."

She continued, "Going forward, we're excited to be welcoming Tom Holmes back to the Exec Board once more."

Tom was the previous Immediate Past President but left the industry. Tom has now returned, is re-employed with Pelsis and is keen to get back involved in his role in the Association.

Tom commented on his return to the industry, saying:

"It's great to be back, it was good to see some familiar faces at the Board meeting as well as some I'm yet to meet in person.

"I’m keen to once again play a part in driving the sector forward, and continue to believe that BPCA is best placed to do that."

Tom has had a couple of years out of the industry but prior to that has some 18 years’ experience; he was on the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee, then a Board member, Vice President and President prior to leaving.

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