CPD Upload Notes

To uplaod batch CPD records go to https://bpca.org.uk/cpd-import

  • Do not use the version of the import that you can download from the import page as that one has the fields in a different order that match our system. We’ve changed yours to suit your requirements.
  • This is your template , its very important that you do not edit or add anything on this other than detail in the relevant fields as this will break the import.  I have added a notes tab with guidelines, I strongly recommend that you make a copy of this spreadsheet as you know at some point someone will overwrite this! I will also upload a copy to the media manager in River for safe keeping. If you want to change or add Activities then we will need to add these on both this spreadsheet Activity drop down and the CPD Diary. Just let us know what these are.
  • This Excel version has drop downs for the CPD Type, Categories ,Tags and Status – as again if these do not exactly match the CPD fields then they do not get imported correctly and the points don’t get added up correctly.
  • Once you have completed your spreadsheet, you will then just need to save your Excel spreadsheet as a .CSV format and then upload.
  • Try some test data using your account to check that the upload is OK. When you do this for real, test a few accounts using the Impersonate feature to check all looking OK.

Mandatory Fields

RiverUserNameOrMembershipNo User login email address or ID - you can check this in River Users module
Title Meaningful Title of the Activity
Date Start dd/mm/yyyy
Date End dd/mm/yyyy
CPD Value Number of points
CPD Value type Set this to Points
Category You must select one from the drop down otherwise Points will not be caclulated
Tags Select at least one so that data is flagged as stuctured
Status  Set to live, if left blank entry will be put in as draft and the user will need to accept it