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Becoming a Technical Inspector

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Technical Inspectors carry out detailed inspections and prepare detailed reports for most types of sites such as supermarkets, corner shops, packing factories, restaurants, etc.

Technical Inspectors play a vital role within organisations and within the Pest Control Industry. They draw up reports, make recommendations and build effective relationships with their customers. They will prepare quality assurance reports for their own organisations regarding any pest control activity.

The Technical Inspector role is similar to the Field Biologist role, however the Field Biologist role usually specialises in food processing and manufacturing sites and is even more detailed and specialised.

To help you become a Technical Inspector you can take the 1-day online classroom course Becoming a Technical Inspector.  If you meet the criteria you can take the Certificated Technical Inspector exam without doing the online classroom course - however, we recommend taking the online classroom programme to give you the best possible chance of being prepared.



During the Becoming a Technical Inspector programme, you will learn:

1. The difference between Pest Control Technician, Technical Inspector and Field Biologist roles
2. What makes a good Technical Inspector
3. What Inspectors do
4. Sites and Pests encountered
5. Inspection techniques
6. Trending/Analysis
7. Auditing standards
8. Auditing pest control systems
9. Presenting findings and report writing
10. Developing action plans

After this programme, you may choose to take the Certificated Technical Inspector exam.

Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: 16+
Delivery: Online classroom
Duration: 1 day
Additional Study: None
Assessment: None
BPCA Registered CPD points: 10.5
BASIS Prompt CPD points: 8

After completing the Becoming a Technical Inspector programme, you may wish to study:


Technical Programmes

Technical Programmes

• Certificated Technical Inspector
Becoming a Field Biologist and take the Certificated Field Biologist exam


Plus+ Programmes

Plus+ Programmes

• Level 2 Award in Food Safety
• Level 2 Award in Health and Safety




Classroom Delivery

Online Classroom programme

This is a one day, online classroom course.

9.00am start, 4.30pm finish.




There is no assessment for this course. You will receive a BPCA certificate of completion at the end of the day.

No assessment on this course. After this programme, you may choose to take the Certificated Technical Inspector exam.




  Including VAT Excluding VAT
Members £114 £95
Non-members £138 £115

 Cancellation Terms:

Course cancellations will only be accepted on receipt of written instruction and are effective from the date received by the BPCA.

• More than 15 working days prior to course: No charge
• 15 working days or less: 100% of fee


What our learners say

The recent Technical Inspector's Course provided a superb reminder as to what to look for when inspecting both our basic everyday contracts through to our BRC and SALSA compliant ones. We combined the course with Level 2 Health and Safety and Level 2 Food Safety. This resulted is some excellent classroom discussions as to what we should be inspecting on site and consequently lead to us reviewing our own internal quality assurance check systems. It is easy to stick with what you have been doing for many years, but in truth standards and expectations of clients and their auditors change. This course has proved to be an excellent way to reassess the reasoning and importance of a good technical inspection to a client's premises.

David Lodge, Beaver Pest Control



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