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Resistance isn’t futile: resistance in rodents and insects - Online classroom

We're all aware genetics, biochemistry and behavioural adaptations are making pests more resistant to pesticides. But how can we spot this early and what can be done about it?

In this live online programme, you'll learn all about what resistance is, where it comes from and how to combat it as part of your pest control programme. In our virtual classroom, you'll cover resistance pest management in rats, mice and insect pests.

Understanding Genetic Resistance in Pests training programme by British Pest Control Association

Resistance is a change in the sensitivity of a pest population to a pesticide. This results in the failure to control the pest even when the application is carried out correctly.

Resistance can develop when the same pesticide, or similar ones with the same mode of action, are used over and over again.

It's often thought that pests change or mutate to become resistant.

This one-day virtual training course will look at the causes of resistance, the differences between genetic and behavioural resistance and the tools you need to employ to deal with the impacts of resistance in the field.

This course is perfect for:

  • Pest control technicians and officers working on the ground in pest management
  • Those interested in biology and behavioural traits of rodent and insect pests.



Upon completion of the one-day course, candidates will understand:

• The impact genetics has on the development of resistance in pests
• How the biochemistry of pests plays a role in the evolution of resistance
• How the behaviour of pests contributes to building up resistance
• When resistance might be an issue in your control activities
• The types of tools you need to deal with resistance issues.

The course will use a mix of presentations and interactive sessions. Modules include:

• What are genetics? – The generation game
• Biochemistry – Not everyone is made of the same stuff
• Behaviour – "he who turns and runs away…"
• Spotting resistance – 'XX/Y' marks the spot 
• How to deal with resistance – building your toolbox.

Level: Core
Delivery: Online/virtual classroom only
Duration: 1 day (10am-4pm)
Additional Study: None
Assessment: None
BPCA Registered CPD Points: 5
BASIS Prompt points: TBC

While there isn't a pre-course entry requirement for this programme, you probably get the most out of this course if you already have your Level 2 Award in Pest Management. This BPCA course is open to all.

After completing the Understanding Genetic Resistance in Pests programme, you may wish to study:


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• Advanced Technician in Pest Management
• Insect Identification 


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Plus+ Programmes

• Starting and Managing Your Own Business
• Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work




Virtual classroom training by British Pest Control Association

This is a one-day virtual classroom course. 10am to 4pm.

There will be regular breaks, including one for lunch. 

Virtual classroom programmes have limited places, so you can ask questions and get involved in the training from the comfort of your home or work. The BPCA virtual classroom is accessible via Zoom.

To take part, you need:

  • A computer, laptop or tablet
  • An internet connection.

Smartphones will all so work, however the session is not optimised for very small screens.

This is a training course, not a webinar. Your tutor will be able to see you and you can ask questions face-to-face throughout the session. You tutor will ask you questions to check your understanding, so you’ll need to have your camera and microphone on during the teaching.




There is no assessment for this course.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a BPCA Certificate of Completion in Understanding Resistance in Pests.

If you are on BPCA Registered you will earn 5 CPD points for completing the course.

If you are on Basis Prompt, you will receive TBC CPD points for completing the course.



The online course fee includes access to the course and all handouts. 


  Including VAT Excluding VAT
Members £114 £95
Non-members £138 £115

Cancellation Terms:

Course cancellations will only be accepted on receipt of written instruction and are effective from the date received by the BPCA.

  • More than 15 working days prior to course: No charge
  • 15 working days or less: 100% of fee.




Alex Wade has a scientific background and is highly regarded throughout the industry for his detailed knowledge of biology and animal behaviour.

His areas of expertise include biology, toxicology (specifically around rodenticides and insecticides) and general research and development.