Below you will find the various qualifications you have either done with us, or your employer has shared with us as proof of membership criteria. If something doesn't look right, or qualification is missing, please complete the form underneath, attaching the qualification evidence.

Please note that if we have validated your qualification, a 'true' reading will appear in column TWO. This means that a member of our team has seen the relevant evidence of your qualification. If the 'false' reading is presented, this means we have been told by your employer you hold this, but as yet it has not been validated by a BPCA team member.

Your BPCA Registered ID card has space for 14 qualifications. If you attempt to upload more than this number, not all will feature on the ID card. 

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If you need to add, remove or update any of the above qualifications, please complete the form below, and where required attach your qualification certificate for validation.

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