BPCA news archive

16 April 2021

BPCA shortlisted for Association Excellence Awards 2021

BPCA is delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in three different categories at the Association Excellence Awards.

16 April 2021

VIDEO: Managing bees in pest control environments

In this video, Natalie Bungay looks at bee behaviour, identification and control options which satisfy both the customer and the environment.

14 April 2021

Grain store pest protection webinar - register now!

BPCA member Lodi UK will host their first ever webinar on the latest best practice on effective grain store pest protection.

14 April 2021

Static rodenticide residues in barn owl surveillance

Two-thirds of barn owls analysed have been found with detectable liver residues of two or more second generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs), says CRRU.

06 April 2021

VIDEO: Digital Forum 8 - Syngenta providing the right support for PCOs

In this video, Daniel Lightfoot talks about Syngenta's business aims and how the right technology can provide additional support for pest control technicians.

06 April 2021

VIDEO: Digital Forum 8 - Cluster and other small fly control

In this video Paul Westgate, Veritas Pest Consultancy, talks about fly identification, biology and control.

06 April 2021

VIDEO: Digital Forum 8 - Pest surveying techniques and customer communication

In this video, Matt from Lodi UK gives a presentation on things to consider when carrying out a pest management survey.

01 April 2021

Almost half of feral pigeons carry infectious disease, BPCA warns

Up to 49 per cent of feral pigeons could carry an infectious disease that can be passed to humans, BPCA has warned.

31 March 2021

Postponement of approval expiry dates for renewals of 8 active substances

HSE has agreed a postponement of the approval expiry dates for eight active substances which were due to lapse within the next six months.

31 March 2021

Scottish Animal Welfare Commission recommends the ban of rodent glue boards

In its March 2021 report, the SAWC has made its recommendations on the future of glue boards to ministers.

29 March 2021

BPCA's call for urgent rethink of post-Brexit biocide regulation sees fumigants registration extended

BPCA has written to HSE to ask for them to reconsider their approach to biocidal product reviews after concerns were raised for the future of some key fumigants.

29 March 2021

BPCA holds 79th Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually

The British Pest Control Association’s 2021 AGM has been held online alongside the BPCA member awards.

29 March 2021

BPCA Member Award winners announced at 2021 AGM

The first-ever BPCA Member Awards were held this week at the digital BPCA AGM.

29 March 2021

BPCA Life Membership awarded to CRRU Chairman

Dr Alan Buckle was the deserving recipient of the BPCA Life Membership award at the AGM on 26 March 2021.

28 March 2021

VIDEO: Regulation of Biocides in UK - an update from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

In this video, Dr Nicola Gregg outlines the requirements for both GB and Northern Ireland (NI) and actions that businesses should be aware of to keep biocidal products on the market.

25 March 2021

VIDEO: Understanding biological hazards of professional pest control

In this video, Natalie Bungay examines the biological hazards associated with the work of pest management professionals and how to mitigate those risks.

23 March 2021

BPCA negotiates lateral flow Covid-19 test discounts for pest professionals

BPCA has negotiated a discount on novel coronavirus antigen detection kits for the entire UK pest control sector.

19 March 2021

Too much to see as PestExtra 2021 goes viral

British Pest Control Association’s digital pest management event, PestExtra 2021, saw huge numbers of visitors when it took place this week.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: A Modern Rat’s Tale: Dutch Experiences With Rodenticide Reduction

In this video Dr Bastiaan Meerburg talks about policy changes to rodenticide use and how the UK can learn from the changes in Dutch pest management techniques.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: Amazing indoxacarb technology – how does it work?

In this video Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta, gives an overview of the active ingredient of the novel insecticide indoxacarb.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to CALM

In this video Rosy Candlin, from CALM talks through who CALM is, what they do and the importance of talking openly about mental wellbeing and suicide.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Manufacturers and Distributors Committee

In this video, Jim Kirk talks about the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee and how you can get involved.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Outreach and Communications Committee

In this video, Julia Pittman talks about her role as chair of the Outreach and Communications committee and how you can get involved.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Servicing Committee

In this video, Martin Rose-King talks about his role as chair of the Servicing committee and how you can get involved.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: Baiting Strategies, Assessments, Techniques and Efficacy

In this video Oliver Madge, PestWise, covers new best practice guidelines in rodent control and necessary assessments that need to be considered.