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23 May 2018

Interesting rat behaviour caught on camera

Most of us get pretty upset when we see a rat stealing food from a bird table, but what if we spotted a rat eating the birds right out of the trees themselves? That's precisely the moment a photographer captured on camera in Lincolnshire. The&nb

21 May 2018

Your say: Public consultation on drones (unmanned aircraft)

The European Commission is conducting an open public consultation relating to the possible adoption of rules applicable to drone operations. Any changes in the rules may affect professional pest management companies that use drones as a tool wit

20 May 2018

PPC91 out now

Professional Pest Controller issue 91 is out now and available completely for free. The BPCA member and industry magazine is packed full of all the latest pest control news and features (May 2018). PPC magazine is made for our members, pes

11 May 2018

President foreword: Let’s get strategical

President foreword | PPC91 May 2018 Hopefully, by the time you read this, some better weather has finally arrived. Speaking with many technicians, the terrible weather we’ve endured right through into mid-April has undoubtedly re

11 May 2018

Chief Exec viewpoint: Hello world!

Chief Exec viewpoint | PPC91 May 2018 Welcome to my first Chief Exec viewpoint in PPC magazine. I thought I’d spend my inaugural page talking about my first impressions of the industry and what I’ve been up to since my appointme

11 May 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: PPC Live 2018 in review

Events | PPC91 May 2018 PPC Live 2018 in numbers. Take look at the feedback, stats and figures from pest controls's biggest get together this year! < Contents Next article >

11 May 2018

The big pest control get together: a look back at PPC Live 2018

Events | PPC91 May 2018 Third time’s the charm for BPCA’s roaming trade show, PPC Live. With more visitors, exhibitors, and positive feedback than ever before – we’re calling it a win for everyone involved. 

11 May 2018

Leave it to the professionals: Considering the bigger picture of pest control

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 Director of Precision Pest Management Solutions and BPCA Executive Board Member, Mike Ayers, shares his thoughts on why it’s now more important than ever for BPCA members to mobilise and consider the

11 May 2018

Road trip to success: BPCA Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Your association | PPC91 May 2018 I am delighted to share with you an overview of our strategy for the next three years. In the spirit of “driving excellence in pest management” let’s take the idea of driving as an analogy

11 May 2018

GET INVOLVED: PestAware the pest advice blog - working for you

Your association | PPC91 May 2018 BPCA’s new consumer-facing blog has launched. PestAware provides domestic and commercial pest advice, encouraging potential clients to use the Find a Pest Controller tool getting BPCA members even mor

11 May 2018

Biological and environmental factors affecting wasp numbers

Environment | PPC91 May 2018 A good wasp season can give the diligent pest controller a tidy profit, and so there is the temptation to rely on these returns in subsequent years. However wasp work can be a fickle game, and you could fin

11 May 2018

Back to Basics: Flying insect control and IPM

Pest control | PPC91 May 2018 One day I’ll fly away… but until then, we’ll press ahead practising the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) with vigour, says Ralph Izod, Managing Director of BPCA member company D

11 May 2018

Talking to pest control customers about bees

Ecology | PPC91 May 2018 BPCA’s newest special interest group, Beewise, has been put to work trying to take the sting out of communicating with clients about bees around the home. As we enter into the end of Spring and

11 May 2018

'Bee-wise' this Spring

Press release | PestAware National trade body the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is issuing an appeal to the British public to ‘bee-aware’ as warmer weather looms. BPCA is issuing a timely message for those

10 May 2018

NYC study reveals the dangers of mice

Study finds New York mice harboured disease-causing bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes. When you think New York pest problems, your mind might well jump straight to rats. After all, New York City gave us the rat safari (featured in PP

10 May 2018

Waste, flies and opportunities for pest controllers

Pest control | PPC91 May 2018 As the process of how we deal with our waste evolves, so does our requirement to protect it from flies. Clive Boase, Principal Consultant of BPCA member company the Pest Management Consultancy, explores the pro

10 May 2018

Controlling flies in commercial food sites

Pest control | PPC91 May 2018 As professional pest controllers, many of us deal with large and small food sites and it is essential that we focus on which pests pose the most significant risk to our customers. Although rodent infestations t

10 May 2018

Pestwatch: Queen wasps

Technical | PPC91 May 2018 For our second in-depth PestWatch feature, Natalie and Dee are doffing their caps to the most regal of all the species you’re likely to encounter - the queen wasp. Wasps are beneficial in gar

10 May 2018

Formulating an effective insect control plan

Technical | PPC91 May 2018 With an extensive variety of insecticides available on the market there are many factors to take into consideration when selecting an appropriate product for a job. Bayer Technical Manager, Richard Moseley, g

10 May 2018

Meet the member: Talking client-based growth with Dyno-Pest

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 In this issue’s Meet the Member we catch up with Ralph Izod, the Founder and Managing Director of longstanding BPCA member Dyno-Pest. A bit of background After studying chemistry at

10 May 2018

If you don’t look after your pest control customers, someone else will!

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 Martin Harvey heads up Harvey Environmental Services and sits on the BPCA Executive Board. His company was named as Pendle’s Most Outstanding Business and was shortlisted for an O2 business awar

10 May 2018

Bidding for pest control contract tenders

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 Following his recent visits to Regional Forums, Robert Harris, of Harris Associates, has sat down to put some of his ideas about pest control tendering on paper for PPC readers. Harris Associates is a

10 May 2018

Top 5 BPCA member benefits for getting more customers

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 There are lots of reasons for joining a trade association but ultimately people choose BPCA because we make your business more profitable. These are our top five member benefits that help you a

10 May 2018

Data driven customer relationship management for pest control companies

Business practice | PPC91 May 2018 Michael Collins is Managing Consultant at Database Marketing Counsel providing database marketing and CRM consultancy. He turns his attention to the world of pest control to help us rethink how we col

10 May 2018

Spent gases: In-transit fumigation risks, safety and opportunity

Pest control | PPC91 May 2018 Here at BPCA we have some pretty specialised companies working together to make sure we keep our standards high, swap useful knowledge and get the details of industry changes out to members. Martin Cobbald, Cha