12 November 2019

Member benefit in focus: Put on your Sunday pest

Business feature| PPC97 November 2019

Personalised workwear and uniforms for pest management companies are becoming more and more popular.

They can help set your brand apart from the crowd and make a lasting first impression with your clients.

Greg Garrood from Alexandra Workwear investigates what makes for decent pest management workwear. 

sunday pest alexandra workwear

Personalising workwear has benefits for both your employees and you as an employer and brand.

Your chosen workwear should be tailored to the needs of the business and the job roles undertaken by employees.

Personalised garments can provide a level of consistency and positivity for your organisation, supporting the growth and development of your brand.

Why choose a personalised uniform?


A logo present on your employee’s uniforms allows your customers to easily identify a member of staff.

Ensuring staff are visible to customers and clients gives a sense of reassurance and confidence.

Build rapport

Internal relationships within teams are key to the success of your organisation.

A team wearing the same uniform will have a significantly increased bond and better teamwork skills.

Improved efficiency

Having the company’s name, logo and their own name on their clothing gives the employee a sense of responsibility.

Wearing such a garment with pride is one part of it, but being accountable for the company’s image and reputation, efficient and conscientious working behaviour is a further by-product.

Personalised garments can provide a level of consistency and positivity for your organisation, supporting the growth and development of your brand.

Greg Garrood

Promote your brand

Having your brand logo and information clearly displayed on your employee’s workwear and uniforms makes it easier for customers and potential customers to notice your brand and contact you.

Free advertising wherever your employees are.


Set yourself apart from the competition by wearing your professional uniform.

A high-quality uniform helps you focus on selling your services through professionalism and quality, rather than price.

Show off your accreditations

If you’re a BPCA member, you probably want to show that off to the world.

We have BPCA member logos on file and quality assured by the BPCA’s marketing team.

If you have any other logos, awards or accreditations that you’re particularly proud of, then those can go on your uniform too.

sunday pest alexandra workwear 2

Getting your uniform right

Having the right workwear makes a huge difference to your business, from the performance of your staff to the perception of your customers. We get that. 

At Alexandra we also understand that a new uniform is a big project, so we’re here for you with whatever support you need.

The right size

It’s so important to get the right size workwear and we’ve fitted men and women of all proportions.

We can offer you a straightforward, off-the-shelf solution, though we also have options beyond that to get things just right for you.

Ask us about our sample service and our on-site sizing.


Make your uniform your own with our personalisation services.

Pick your brand colours, ask us to print or embroider your logo or company name, or even use your employees’ name or initials – we can go to that detail for your wearers.

We have the BPCA member logo and BPCA Registered logo on file.

Quality products

We won’t compromise on quality. Our products use the very best fabrics we can find. They last longer and they don’t fade.

We source all our materials carefully and commercially, which helps us get a better price, and then we thoroughly test all finished products.

We control all our factories because behaving ethically is so vital.

Your impact

Each purchase you make with Alexandra creates change.

We make four million shirts and polo shirts every year. That is a big number and we know it is our responsibility to understand the significance that has on our global manufacturing sites and the wider environment.

By choosing Alexandra, you are helping to reduce packaging by 40%, saving 4.8 tonnes of plastic.

That is the same as 480,000 500ml plastic bottles that didn’t end up in the world’s oceans. It’s our duty, and we plan to do more.

We’re happy when you’re happy.

We control all our factories because behaving ethically is so vital.

Greg Garrood

Our team is on hand to make your life easier, however we can.

You can expect the very best customer service as standard. We’ll deliver it, day or night, online or on the phone.

Anything less falls short in our eyes and our customer service awards show we get it right time and time again.

Beyond that, we can be proactive thanks to our expertise in your sector. We’ll anticipate trends and advise you in advance.

That’s why BPCA chose Alexandra as your preferred supplier.

Discount workwear

BPCA members can now take advantage of an additional exclusive discount from Alexandra Workwear.

Save between 15-20% on a range of quality workwear by stating you are a member of the BPCA when you set up your account.

Make your brand stand out with a variety of personalisation options available; including the official BPCA member logo and BPCA Registered logo embroidered which are ready on file to use now.

Not only will you have access to this workwear range, but you can also enjoy preferential rates on the full list of catalogue products from Alexandra.

Be sure to quote the name of the BPCA member company that you work for when placing your order.

Our expert team are on hand to advise which products are best suited to your business.

There are two great ranges to choose from, including Essentials and Superior ranges.

If you would like to speak to us in person, why not visit the PPC Live 2020 exhibition where Alexandra will be exhibiting alongside BPCA.

More information on the event can be found on the BPCA website.

View your range of specially selected workwear on our website.

Sales help

+44 (0)333 600 1111

Source: PPC97

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