13 November 2019

CEPA launches pest management professionalisation initiative

On 1 October, the European pest management services trade association (CEPA) launched its Memorandum of Understanding on Professionalisation of the Pest Management Industry, in an event hosted by the European Committee of the Regions. 


In a continued push for professionalism in the pest sector throughout Europe, CEPA has launched an initiative for those businesses who adopt integrated pest management (IPM) approaches and are committed to providing professional pest management services

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was unveiled at the CEPA Extraordinary General Meeting, and details the commitments a professional pest technician should follow, which includes IPM.

This integrated approach features in the European Standard EN 16636, which underpins the CEPA Certified scheme, and prioritises professional and sustainable pest management practices.

CEPA’s aim with this initiative is to encourage those in need of pest management services to only use firms audited to the EN 16636 standard.

It is expected that this will force a positive change across the pest industry, compelling greater professionalism from pest management businesses across the continent.

BPCA professionalism standard

Every Servicing company in BPCA membership has been audited to EN 16636 standard - but at this time only around 20% of members are certified to the standard.

This was part of the Association’s strategic goal to ensure Servicing members meet the international standard set down by the sector itself.

BPCA Chief Executive and Chairman of the CEPA task force, Ian Andrew, commented:

“With a current lack of regulated market entry requirements into pest management, it’s crucial that industry leaders take the initiative in guiding the sector towards greater professionalism.

“The Memorandum of Understanding is an opportunity to build a harmonised definition of professional pest management across Europe, but it’s only as good as the signatories who commit to it.

“CEPA’s aim is to encourage end-users and public institutions to engage with the MoU and build a pest management marketplace that is recognised as a valued, professional service.”

At the general meeting

The presentation of the MoU was followed by a fruitful panel discussion. Guest speakers included:

  • Gianluca Nurra from the European association representing the trade in cereals, rice, feedstuffs, oilseeds, olive oil, oils and fats and agro-supply (COCERAL)
  • Ilaria Di Silvestre from Eurogroup for Animals, an animal advocacy organisation
  • Dr Martin Geier from Biogents, a new member of CEPA specialising in mosquito control solutions
  • Henry Mott, Director of BPCA member Conquer Environmental Services and newly re-elected President of CEPA.

The panel agreed on the importance of reaching out to policymakers and users of pest management services with a message focused, not only on public health, but also on current environmental concerns.

In this regard, the key role of prevention was emphasised. Solid data on the situation and the potential impact of professional pest management will be a cornerstone to support our message.

CEPA The Good Pest Manager

CEPA, the European pest management services trade association, primarily represents the European Pest Management service sector.

Made up fundamentally of a network of 80 national associations and companies in 23 European countries, CEPA describes the sector’s mission as being “to contribute to the protection and assure the wellbeing of EU citizens”.

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