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26 June 2018

Julia, Tim and Louise join BPCA Board

Today after the Associations 2018 AGM, BPCA’s Executive Board formally welcomed three new members to its committee.

The Executive Board is BPCA’s governing committee and includes such responsibilities as setting the Association’s strategy, admitting new members, and dealing with any breaches of regulations and Codes of Conduct.

Joining the Executive Board from 27 June are;

Tom Holmes, Julia Pittman, Louise Summers and Tim Slater at the BPCA 2018 AGM

Julia, a Director at Beaver Pest Control based in London has been involved in the industry for over 20 years, with the majority of that time as a pest control client, as opposed to offering the service directly. Since joining Beaver in 2014, Julia has been responsible for much of Beaver’s growth in key markets such as education, health and food.

I’m delighted to be joining BPCA’s Executive Board. The Association has progressed significantly in the last five years and after seeing the new strategy released, I’m hoping to play a role in continuing that progression over the next few years.

Julia Pittman, BPCA Executive Board (Beaver Pest Control)

Tim Slator is a Director at long-term BPCA member company Valley Pest Control in Devon, and has been involved in the family business since they set up in 1976. 

Over the years I have tried to champion the trade organisation. However, I haven’t always agreed with their actions and reasons for doing or not doing something. So, I would like to be a part of the decision making and learn why certain choices are made. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to joining Executive Board colleagues over the next few years as a representative of both family run and South West based businesses.

Tim Slator, BPCA Executive Board (Valley Pest Control)

Louise Summers from BPCA Consultant Member Urban Wildlife, based in the East Midlands, also joins the BPCA Executive Board.

As a small company director I can certainly put the context of this strategy into the mind of a small business owner. In addition, as consultant members of the Association I am also hoping to focus on expanding the membership in this area; I strongly believe accurate technical knowledge is a key contributing factor to providing higher levels of service.

Louise Summers, BPCA Board Member (Urban Wildlife)

Julia, Tim and Louise occupy the seats formerly taken by two members of the board standing down, David Lodge (Beaver) and Savvas Othon (Rentokil) as well as a previously unoccupied seat.

Tom Holmes, BPCA President said,

“Firstly I want to thank David and Savvas for the time and support they have given me in my presidency, and for their efforts leading up to this. Both have contributed heavily to our recent success and I’m sure they will continue to contribute to the organisation’s progress, just in a different way.”

“As for Julia, Tim and Louise, I warmly invite them to the Executive Board and very much look forward to them playing an important role in our strategy over the next 24-36 months.”

The Executive Board met for an informal lunch to meet its new members after the 2018 AGM, held at Watford Football Club on 27 June.

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