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05 July 2018

Round-up of CEPA’s European Forum: Global Summit of Pest Management Services 2018

Pest management professionals, companies and trade associations from across the world assembled in Portugal’s Coastal town of Cascais for the third Global Summit on 4 June.

The event lasted three-days and was hosted by the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA). It included talks, meetings and celebrations, much of which was focused around World Pest Day on 6 June – which BPCA took part in.

Attending the event wearing BPCA hats were Chief Exec, Ian Andrew, Technical Manager, Dee Ward Thompson, and Servicing Committee Member Andy Hunn from East Coast Pest Control.

Ian Andrew, Dee Ward-Thompson and Andy Hunn at the Global Summit representing BPCAAndy didn’t make the journey for the Portuguese beaches (which was good considering it rained for most of the Summit). Instead, he wanted to find out more about CEPA, the EN 16636 standard and where it is heading. 

I wanted to learn more about what other nations are doing with developing EN 16636, particularly how they are using it to influence practice, and perhaps policy, especially in the food industry. The summit was on the whole an enjoyable experience and I’ve arrived back to North Yorkshire with fresh ideas and support for this standard. The impetus is certainly increasing, and knowing senior executives in organisations, like Nestlé, are adopting this certification is reassuring.

Andy Hunn from East Coast Pest Control

At the summit CEPA formally announced its new strategy, which is built around ‘The Good Pest Manager’.

CEPA’s strategy

CEPA’s recent newsletter detailed its vision for the next 24-months, and how the organisation would realise the impact of ‘The Good Pest Manager’.

Henry Mott, President of CEPA at the Global Summit

Here are the highlights:

Professionalising the sector

CEPA is ready to start the path towards official recognition of the professional pest management sector as a service provider within the EU regulatory framework.

CEPA held the initial discussions on the launch of a self-regulatory agreement for the professionalisation of the sector They do this using a memorandum of understanding, which will include (but isn’t limited to) institutions and businesses such as local authorities, EU representatives of hospitals, retailers, food manufacturers, and catering companies.

The aim is to ensure the health and safety of all EU citizens both in the urban environment and beyond. The core of such an agreement is the European standard EN 16636 with an integrated minimum training framework.

BPCA members can get EN 16636 certified (CEPA Certified®) at a discounted rate. Contact for more details.

Healthy cities

CEPA members endorse the causes laid in the WHO Healthy Cities initiative. The awareness campaign will centre around how pest management services protect citizens and ensure healthy cities. 

To act the principles of the professional pest management Memorandum of Understanding we are looking, under the umbrella of the European Commission sustainability agenda, at developing a pilot project in several main cities of Europe. This pilot project key performance indicators shall demonstrate how a coordinated pest management program conducted by pest control service professionals can be sustainable, improve the health parameters of a city, and contribute to the quality of life for its citizens.

CEPA newsletter, June 2018

Reacting to the vision, BPCA Chief Exec, Ian Andrew said:

“Creating the shift from the pest control industry being branded merely as a user of biocides to the sector being seen as a service provider is significant in European terms. And, despite Brexit when the UK will leave the EU, we are not leaving Europe and this shift to service provision is with a focus on protecting public health which is critical for the sector.”

“We know 1 in 4 BPCA members hold the EN 16636 standard, certificated by Bureau Veritas, a leading global certification body. I certainly anticipate that over the next 18-24 months it’s going to be more of a commercial requirement to hold it, rather than just comply to it through BPCA membership.”

In the release CEPA also revealed a Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as four working groups and a taskforce led by BPCA’s Technical Manager, Dee Ward Thompson, to empower women in Pest Management.

Under the new secretariat at CEPA, things have changed which I do welcome. However, similar to my colleagues I’m surprised by the scope of work set out within the timeframe, but we know, and agree, things need to change. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, unless companies who hold EN 16636 Certification are shouting it from the roof tops, clients will continue going about their tender processes unknowingly.

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager

If you’d like help getting EN 16636 certified (CEPA Certified®) you can contact Dee by emailing

Source: Bulletin

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