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04 June 2018

World Pest Day: What would the world be like without pest control?

6 June 2018 is the second ever World Pest Day. To mark the occasion, we’re imagining what would be different in a world without any pest management.

Pest management professionals from five continents are getting together today for the Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety.

The Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) and the National Pest Management Association (USA) have joined forces to put on the Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

BPCA will be there championing British pest management professionals. We'll be talking about the vital role we play in protecting food, families and businesses.

For this years World Pest Day, we’re asking what would the world be like without pest management?

You can join the conversation on social media with #WorldPestDay

A world without safe food

There’s a reason why you can go to the supermarket and safely pick up something for your dinner.

When you buy an ice-cream or have a pint at the pub – you’re being protected by professional pest management.

They’re behind the scenes protecting the whole food supply chain from deadly pathogens spread by pests.

Without a respectable pest control company providing a good level of pest awareness to all client staff and both parties working co-operatively, food businesses are vulnerable to writing off both their stock and their reputation.

Dr Mike Ayers, Precision Pest Management

In a recent study, New York researchers found mice carrying 36 different viruses that could potentially be spread to humans through food.

According to a US health department, at least 20% of the world's food is eaten or contaminated by rodents each year.

And that’s just the rodents. Cockroaches, flies, beetles and other insects all threaten to endanger our food stores.  

A world without pest control food

A world invaded

Mosquito-borne diseases cause around 1-million deaths a year.

The worldwide incidence of dengue has risen 30-fold in the past 30 years, and more countries are reporting their first outbreaks of the disease. Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever are all transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

World Health Organisation (WHO)

The UK has more than 30 types of native mosquito, most of which are annoying, rather than deadly.

Earlier this year, we warned the UK could see the Asian Tiger mosquito taking hold in the country.

Professional pest management companies worldwide protect people from outbreaks of invasive-pests that threaten to harm public health or our environment.

Just this year, the South Georgia Heritage Trust announced they have successfully eradicated invasive rodents on the tiny island.

In doing so, they’ve protected several species of rare seabird from extinction.

Species such as the Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina) represent a very real risk to beneficial invertebrates such as the honeybee in particular. Without effective pest management measures in place to eradicate the spread of such species, significant losses to bee colonies and potentially other native species is likely.

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager 

In the UK, reports of Asian hornets that threaten our bees, and termites that could devour our homes have been reported by the pest management community.

When the worst does happen, it's pest controllers that try to hold the balance. Professional pest controllers are on the front lines protecting us from invasive species.

Dangerous invasve pests

A world distressed  

Last week we spoke to a pensioner who was upset about noises in her attic.

She lived on her own and was convinced that the sounds she was hearing couldn’t be from a couple of squirrels.

She was worried that if it was squirrels, they’d get into her water tank or chew through some electrical cabling.

We helped her find a BPCA member and they were able to treat for squirrels that day.

Every day people call BPCA distressed because of an infestation.

Pest infestations are more than just a health concern.

When pests make your home their home, the psychological impact can be worse than the health risks.

My space and all of my belongings turned from being sources of comfort to sources of stress. It’s ongoing, never-ending torture that can drive people crazy.

Taken from a study about the psychological impact of bed bugs

We can all empathise with wasps ruining a BBQ – but when you’re worried about your child’s allergies, the stress can impact your whole life.

When bed bugs take over your flat, the embarrassment, discomfort and feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming.

Professional pest controllers deal with people, not just pests.

They reassure, educate and can restore balance to our lives.

A world without pest control is a world where the vulnerable feel helpless and scared

Pest management might not be the most glamorous of professions, but those that do it, are proud of what they do.

If you’d like to learn more about pest management, have a look at our A-Z of Pests or our pest awareness blog – PestAware.

If you need the services of a pest management company, our Find a pest controller tool can connect you with local BPCA members.

Your view: A world without pest contol

Tweet @Britpestcontrol or use the comments box below and we'll add your thoughts here.

BIGGS @PDT_Solutions:

Howard Taffs of Good Riddance Pest Control, BPCA Servicing Committee Chair:

‘Pest Control companies across the UK protect people’s lifestyles, homes and business from public health and nuisance pests.'

'We do this by proactive and reactive means. A proactive approach, which generally requires fewer chemicals, relies on proofing areas and processes, so pests don’t even enter the equation.'

'Proactive means are much more effective when clients work with the pest control company, together, to deliver results and having a good level of pest awareness is a key ingredient of that. The less pest aware a client is, often results in infestations and therefore more reactive protocols put in place, with sometimes more chemicals used.’

Dr Mike Ayers, MD of BPCA member company Precision Pest Management:

‘You would think that those who know, know, and those who don’t know, don’t. Well increasingly I’ve found it’s a case of those who know, should know better than to cut corners and go for the cheapest services and ignore pest control at their peril. In my experience I have always found cut price pest control is almost always expensive.'

‘Without a respectable pest control company providing a good level of pest awareness to all client staff and both parties working co-operatively, food businesses are vulnerable to writing off both their stock and their reputation.

‘A perfect example would be when a rodents infest a food manufacturing warehouse, an increasingly common situation nowadays. Goods with either little additives or passengers are delivered to retail outlets across the country, and potentially presented to end users if not spotted on arrival. If adequate pest management is not present and good understanding of the problems presented by pests on both the manufacturing and retail side, the reputation of both companies can, and will, suffer.’

‘All parties including other service providers must work together towards a common aim of a pest free environments, and this starts with both bosses and employees understanding the risks pests present and the consequences to them and their businesses.

Dee Ward Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager:

‘Species such as the Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina) represent a very real risk to beneficial invertebrates such as the honeybee in particular. Without effective pest management measures in place to eradicate the spread of such species, significant losses to bee colonies and potentially other native species is likely.’

‘Former invasive species which have now taken a hold in the UK include the American Mink (Mustela vision), American signal crayfish and the top mouth gudgeon fish.’

Lauren Day, BPCA Events Manager:

Martin Harvey, Harvey Environmental Services:

'Professional Pest Management (when done properly and with teamwork from the customer) makes a massive difference in lowering pest related risks to the public, to the clients staff and their reputation. When Pest Control is badly delivered or mismanaged the consequences can be devastating.'

'We work very closely with our clients on new builds and re-furbs in the design and build stage to proof pests out, restricts their progress and make sites easier to clean (which in turn reduces pests risks) - this investment at the front end of a relationship pays big dividends down the line.'

'We also take a lot of care and time with our initial site surveys. This investment in time gives a real understanding of our clients business and any pest issues and allows us to gain control quicker and fit in as part of our customers team. We become part of them.'

 Beaver Pest Control:

Suddenstrike limited

Henry Mott, President of CEPA

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