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02 March 2021

New bait station controls all main ant species


Bayer has launched a new palatable ant bait which is now available to control all major ant species in the UK.

39 bayer-ant-station

According to Bayer, Maxforce® Pushbox offers proven control over all main ant species, including Black garden ants, Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants,and Ghost ants.

Tim Peeling, product manager at Bayer Environmental Science, says, controlling ants can be challenging due to high customer expectations and therefore it is important pest managers have a product available to them that they trust to eradicate the nest quickly, without call-backs.

He adds that as Maxforce® Pushbox comes in a ready to use sealed bait box it makes the product extremely convenient and easy to use. “All pest managers need to do is break the seal and place the bait station where ant activity can be seen.

“The insecticide contains the highly palatable Maxforce™ Quantum formulation, which is proven to offer highly effective, rapid control over ants. This proven-formulation is very palatable and offers long term control,” adds Tim.

“Maxforce® Pushbox is a convenient way of controlling ants indoors and outdoors, in places such as food production facilities, households, kitchens, patios and public areas.”

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Source: Bayer Press Release