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25 November 2013

BPCA gives out 43,507 referrals to members in 2013

From 1 January until 31 December 2013, 43,507 details have been passed on to the public for both domestic and commercial jobs. If each referral was worth just £50 that would be over £2,000,000 of potential business we're giving to our members.

BPCA Marketing Officer Laurence Barnard said "we thought our prediction of 30,000 referrals earlier in the year would be a great result for members, but it turns out we were wrong!" Laurence added ""after passing the 40,000 mark at the end of the November we knew we'd done well, but to reach an average of one referral every 12 minutes throughout the year is amazing."

Though numbers have almost quadrupled on previous years, the quality of referral has also improved with the introduction of both the means to choose companies local to the end user, and the ability for end users to select the pest type and whether it's a commercial or domestic referral. This ensures that BPCA is only putting forward the right companies for the job.

BPCA Membership Manager Kevin Higgins said "our member referrals is only one reason to remain or become a full BPCA member. For some companies, they only need to get 5 referrals and their membership subscription has paid for itself." Kevin added "we've found that over 95% of our members have easily exceeded this target and made a profit by being a BPCA member."

A full report of the 2013 BPCA member referrals For more information on becoming a BPCA member, and accessing the wide range of unique benefits for professional pest controllers, visit

A full report of the 2013 BPCA member referrals will be released to members in the coming months.