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14 July 2014

BPCA Member Justin Holloway stars in BBC 1 production

Over the past 12 months BPCA have been supporting Lion TV working for BBC1, in their production ‘How Safe is Your House?' The series focuses on safety in the home in various forms such as the importance of testing electrics, pest control, structural or product safety. The pest control and more specifically rodent control episode included BPCA Member Justin Holloway of Prokill Thames West.

The episode was filmed over several days back in March, accompanied by series co-host Angellica Bell, he tackled a chronic rat invasion into a young family's home in Swindon. The problem had been ongoing for two years before Justin stepped in and sorted it out. Justin explains "We were delighted to be given the opportunity to help this family. Like all pest control companies we have an array of rodenticide at our disposal but strive to attain a final solution that minimises or, as in this case, excludes their use altogether." Justin adds "prior to our intervention they had had over 10 visits from other providers and other than parting with a lot of cash, they had not got any closer to a solution."

BPCA Chief Executive Simon Forrester commented; "Justin's footage is a great example of the quality work BPCA members are known for. BPCA are always asked to support these types of TV production, so it's always great to see them through to the end, and more importantly, ensure our members work and professionalism is the focus."

Missed the show? Catch up on BBC iplayer.