15 November 2018

eBay BPCA and Crop Protection Association leading the way on stewardship of online pesticides sales

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Crop Protection Association, and eBay have worked together to help stop unauthorised pesticides sales happening online.

After several meetings, it’s now clear that all three organisations are working towards the same goal – to protect non-target species from the misuse of professional use rodenticides, and to keep all professional pesticides in the hands of adequately trained and certificated professionals.

Since the meetings, eBay has clarified its policies for the sale of pesticides, meaning that now only authorised eBay shops may sell pesticides.

Person-to-person sale of pesticides is prohibited.

eBay shops will continue to be allowed to sell pesticides, assuming they meet eBay’s policies and UK law, including CRRU Stewardship requirements.

Pesticides and poisons policy at ebay

Responsible online sales

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager said:

“We’ve never wanted to stop people selling professional rodenticides online, we just want them to be doing it responsibly, legally and to only qualified and certificated professionals. We’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to sit around a table with eBay and talk to them about the importance of pesticide stewardship.

“eBay was very welcoming, helpful and supportive throughout the process. We’re all confident that the changes we’ve put in place will help stop a significant amount of illegal pesticide sales.”

Wendy Gray from the Crop Protection Association, said:  

“Protecting human health and the environment through the responsible selling and use of Crop Protection products is our highest priority. Our products are safe when used according to the instructions on the label.

“As an industry we are concerned about the sale of professional products to amateur users online. This is why we are working with eBay and other internet companies to close any loopholes and ensure that professional products are only sold to individuals who ensure that the end-user holds the relevant specified certificate(s).”

who can buy and sell pesticides on ebay

Professional pesticide users must be trained and hold the relevant certification so they understand and meet all the legislative requirements in place to protect human health and the environment when using professional pesticides.

Although manufacturers and distributors must check the qualifications of anyone trying to buy professional use rodenticides, both the Crop Protection Association and BPCA have heard the frustrations of professional pesticide users and their dismay at seeing professional use pesticides being made available, through sites like eBay, to individuals who do not realise that it is an offence for anyone to purchase pesticides authorised for professional use unless they have ensured that the intended end user holds the relevant specified certificates.

With 13.4 million listings added weekly by mobile alone on eBay it’s a difficult job to monitor everything being sold on the site – however anyone who suspects a shop of doing something illegal should report it to BPCA ( or the Crop Protection Association ( 

The change in policy and the direct connection the Association’s have made with eBay, should make the it easier to stop unauthorised sale.

Next steps

Wendy Gray from the Crop Protection Association, said:  

“Although these meetings mark a big win for professional pesticide users and British Wildlife, there’s still a long way to go. Other large online retailers need to follow suit and commit to highlighting to purchasers the legal requirements around the use of professional pesticides. It took us a fair amount of time to get our foot in the door with eBay, but now we’ll be knocking on other retailers’ doors and asking them to ensure the responsible sale of professional products online.”

Dee on online pesticide sales

Dee said:

“Ultimately, irresponsible online sellers are getting their products from somewhere. We are asking all PPP manufacturers and distributors to ensure purchasers are aware of their legal obligations along the supply chain.

Both BPCA and Crop Protection Association allow online retailers into membership and can therefore support the responsible sale and use of pesticides.

eBay said:

"We are happy to be working with the BPCA and Crop Protection Association to help prevent the sale of unauthorized pesticides happening online. eBay has no tolerance for illegal pesticides on our marketplace and we would encourage other online retailers to follow suit in our efforts."

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