11 August 2021

IPS launches new sticky moth trap


Following two years of testing, International Pheromone Systems has launched a new product that will help both commercial pest controllers and homeowners to manage moth infestations.

IPS research and development moth sticky board

The pre-baited clothes moth board is designed to attract the Common Clothes Moth, Tineola bisselliella, and includes a white pulpboard card printed with a purple grid design that has been pre-treated with a special, three-component pheromone. The purple grid helps when moths need to be counted.

International Pheromones Systems Technical Director Dr Sam Jones explains:

“It took around two years of development work to get to this stage, so it was a long arduous process to get here. It involved testing a lot of materials, formulants and rearing large numbers of moths for all the trial work.

“Clothes moths were less of a problem when products using natural fibres such as wool were less fashionable. Natural fibres and materials have become more fashionable again and this has contributed to greater numbers appearing in people’s homes.”

The traps, which are designed to be used in a plastic holder, need changing every six weeks or once they become saturated with insects or covered in dust. 

The new product will be sold through distributors with customer bases both in the UK and the rest of Europe.

International Pheromone Systems 

Wirral-based International Pheromone Systems offers a nature-based approach and specialist knowledge for natural and safe solutions to monitor and manage pests in agricultural and domestic environments.

Source: Press release

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