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29 March 2021

BPCA holds 79th Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually

The British Pest Control Association’s 2021 AGM has been held online alongside the BPCA member awards.

Led by BPCA President Philip Halpin, the meeting was streamed live online from the BPCA offices. It is now available to watch in full here:

Members could vote live or by proxy via an independent voting system provided by UK Engage.

All resolutions, including accepting the annual report and accounts, passed.

The two BPCA board members who were up for election by rotation were reelected back on to the BPCA Board without a vote as their nominations were uncontested.

As such, the BPCA Executive Board remains unchanged:

  • President - Mr Philip Halpin – Countrywide Environmental Services
  • Vice President - Dr Mike Ayers – Precision Pest Management
  • Vice President - Mr Chris Cagienard – Pest Solutions
  • Honorary Treasurer - Mr Mark Williams – Ecolab
  • Servicing Committee Chair: Mr Martin Rose-king – Bounty Pest Control
  • Manufacturers and Distributors Committee Chair: Mr Martin Rose-king – Bounty Pest Control (interim)
  • Professional Standards Committee Chair: Mr Malcolm Stowell – Safeguard Pest Control & Environmental Services
  • Outreach and Communications Committee Chair: Mrs Julia Pittman – Beaver House Services
  • Mr Jason Cholerton, CSS Pest Services
  • Mr Chris Corbett (reelected), Aderyn
  • Mr Mick Kilburn, Elite Pest Management
  • Mr Michael Taylor (reelected), Contego
  • Mr Paul Westgate, Veritas Pest Consultancy
  • Mr Mark White, Dealey.

As well as Philip Halpin’s annual report, BPCA Honorary Treasurer Mark Williams and several BPCA committee chairs gave prerecorded reports detailing all the Association achieved in 2020.

The AGM was followed by the BPCA Member Awards, a celebration of individuals and companies that have risen to the challenges the sector continues to face.

Read more about the BPCA Member Awards here.

Find out who won the BPCA Life Membership Award here.


We're always looking for members to get involved in our Board, Committees and Special Interest Groups. Get in touch to register your interest or find out more. 

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