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30 April 2020

Member benefit in focus: Find a pest controller

Membership | PPC99 May 2020

Rated as the second-best member benefit, beaten only by the BPCA logo and the doors it opens, our Find a pest controller tool is trusted across the country.

The tool has changed a lot over the years and is now getting over 107,000 hits per year, so we thought it was a great time for a quick benefit refresher!


This benefit is all about connecting you to real domestic and commercial business opportunities. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

You get a client referral from BPCA, and the client gets connected with a trained and trusted pest management company.

Search for a member

For end-users looking for a trained and trusted pest management company, BPCA will always be one of the top organic search results on Google.

The page is fully optimised for whatever device you’re on – which is super important when most people who are looking for a contractor do so on their phones now.

The end-user needs to insert their postcode and to select the pest they’ve got an issue with. They then get results of all members that cover their area.

You get a client referral from BPCA, and the client gets connected with a trained and trusted pest management company.

Search results

Once an end-user (the potential customer) presses search, they’ll get a list of all members that cover that area and your phone numbers.

You can cover as many different postcodes as you like. They can see your company logo, phone number and a link to your unique profile pages.

Search results appear in order of the closest office address first. We only allow one listing per company.

That means no matter how big your company is, you’ll be represented fairly. One membership fee equals one listing on Find a pest controller.

Your profile

Your BPCA profile page is fully indexed by Google, meaning that when people search for your company name, they might come across your company profile.

The profile page includes:

  • Company name and logo
  • Your registered address with us and map of where you are
  • Your contact phone number(s) and email
  • A contact form that pings off an email directly to you
  • A description you can customise in your member area
  • The services you cover
  • Your contact hours
  • Your accreditations such as CEPA Certified® or CHAS Accredited.

The page is designed to give anyone looking for a professional pest management company the information they need, so they can contact you for a quote.

Get the most out of Find a pest controller

  • Make sure your postcode coverage is up-to-date
  • Make sure all the services you cover are up-to-date
  • Add a company logo – people click on listings with logos more often than those without
  • Write something about yourself that makes you stand out
  • Make sure your office address is correct –you’ll appear closer to the top of searches where your head office is the closest
  • Check that we have current phone numbers, email addresses, and websites for you.

More details on how to update your profile:

Source: PPC99

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