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07 December 2021

Case study: TrapMe rodent monitoring system for pest control


BPCA member Pelsis provides a case study on their real-time-data-driven rodent monitoring system, TrapMe, with the help of Safeguard Pest Control


Safeguard Pest Control is one of the largest pest control companies in the UK, covering London, Midlands, the South East and the South West.

With more than 30 years’ experience, the company specialises in all forms of commercial and residential pest control, bird control and specialist environmental services.


Safeguard required a pest control system which accurately and efficiently monitored the trapping of rodents in areas of infestation. The company also needed any monitoring to be able to be done remotely, to reduce time spent on unnecessary trips to check any traps. 

Previously, Safeguard had trialled a remote trapping system, however it didn’t meet its operational requirements and the associated costs were too high for it to be considered as a long-term solution.

Alongside the operational requirements, there had been a demand from clients for innovative solutions to be used which were pesticide free. 


To meet these requirements, Safeguard introduced TrapMe to its range of pest control solutions – a product forefront of remote monitoring rodent traps.

The pest control system operates on real-time data, allowing Safeguard to receive and view live reports on the set traps through the TrapMe portal.

The trap has three settings – trap ready, trap activated (when a rodent has been caught) and trap closed (in case of a false alarm) – which enables it to be easily remotely monitored. 

Using GSM technology, each trap sends regular status updates to secure user portals to confirm a capture. This enables time to be saved on manually having to check the set traps for a status update, and means that a trap only needs to be visited for resetting. 

In terms of specification, TrapMe is a flexible modular system enabling it to be easily installed in a variety of locations in which Safeguard was operating. It is also waterproof to IP67 standards and has 2.6kg of force to enable clean rodent kills

The TrapMe solution is also a non-toxic solution, meaning it was perfect for any environment which Safeguard was undertaking pest control on, such as hotels, hospitals and student accommodation. 



Since introducing the TrapMe solution, Safeguard has been able to improve its operations and offer customers a more efficient pest control system for the monitoring and capturing of rodents.

TrapMe was easy for the company to set up and supported in delivering the required results of removing rodent infestations.  

The team benefitted from a portal to track real-time data which was very user friendly and easy to set up – something which its previous rodent monitoring system did not offer.

As well as this, the company’s operatives have been able to reduce the amount of unnecessary site checks by only needing to make visits when being notified of a capture by the TrapMe portal. 

The live real-time data capture has also given Safeguard’s client’s peace of mind knowing that a target area is protected and constantly monitored and that the company can react quickly as soon as a trap is triggered, rather than waiting to revisit to inspect.

The use of the TrapMe also reduced the risk of secondary poisoning for birds of prey when mice and rats were present, which was caused by mice taking the bait on traps which were previously used. 

Safeguard has also received positive feedback from a client that it was trialling a product which was pesticide free and offered 24/7 monitoring. This was particularly important especially as the site is a busy public space and could benefit from a system such as TrapMe in the future.


If you've got a pest control product case study to share, let us know.

Source: Pelsis press release

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