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07 March 2019

From servicing to strategy

President foreword | PPC94 March 2019

Yes, that’s right. You have a new face at the front of your magazine. I’m delighted and proud to introduce myself to you as the new BPCA President.

I could not start my first foreword for PPC magazine without thanking Tom Holmes, my predecessor, for all his efforts over the last three years. He’s delivered many successes, navigated many challenges and has left some giant size 10s to fill.

Tom, when you’re reading this, on behalf of all PPC readers, we hope you’ve arrived safely at your new role and it’s everything you were looking for.

How I got here

After chairing the Association’s Servicing committee for several years, I was elected to be one of the BPCA Vice Presidents in Spring 2018. With Tom duly departing, the Executive Board nominated me for President at the November meeting.

Outside of my BPCA duties, I run a family owned business, Countrywide Environmental, based in Newbury, Berkshire. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and I’ve experienced firsthand the changes (or rather hoops) we have to jump through to maintain our prominent position as public health protectors, to domestic and commercial customers alike.

What gets my goat

Everyone else seems to have a word or two to say about CPD. So here are some of my thoughts…

As important as it is, CPD isn’t something that should stop us from doing our jobs. It shouldn’t always be about passing tests. Why doesn’t it reflect the practical nature of our trade?

Yes, there are theory elements to it, but I’m a practical guy. I’d like any commitment I make to professional development to have practical elements too. This is why I’m passionate about ensuring

BPCA Registered is ready for now and in the future.

BPCA Registered is a great example of what can change at committee and board level within your governance structure. With a working group and oversight from the Board, the project moved from committee action, to creative discussion, to a tangible innovation.

No doubt you’ll hear more about BPCA Registered through 2019 from various sources, but all I want to say on this is that BPCA Registered is here to stay.

We’ve got more ideas to explore and developments to finish, but I’m very proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time. Thank you to the many members that have backed BPCA Registered from day one. Without the early adopters nothing would ever innovate or improve!

Making friends

As President I’m looking to see how we can facilitate BPCA’s relationship with other agencies in the future, both within the industry, and representing it.

We have a positive story to tell. It’s up to all of us to tell it.

People need to appreciate the role we play in protecting public health. Businesses need to appreciate we protect their reputations and financial assets. Society needs to appreciate the complexities of our trade.

It’s your role (and mine, and BPCA’s) to get those positive messages out there to drive up the value of our industry even further.

Making friends is also important within the industry. We are all stronger together, and we can overcome challenges which come our way with great influence and assertiveness. At BPCA, we have lots in the pipeline and we have got a fair inkling of what’s around the corner, but we don’t know for sure.

Maybe that’s where you come in?

If you’re someone like I was five years ago, looking to get involved in what the Association does, I’d encourage you to get in touch. Getting involved is a great way to meet other professionals and make positive change for the future of our industry.

I’ll be on the BPCA stand along with my board colleagues at PestEx (20-21 March). If you’re not registered already, please make the effort to do so, then come and find us. I look a lot like the guy at the top of the page!

So, all-in-all, here’s what I’m trying to say: I’m here on an interim ticket and I’m ready to step up.
Hopefully, the Board and wider membership will see what I'm about and might even make this position more formal at the AGM in June, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

See you at PestEx.

Best wishes, 

Phil Halpin

BPCA President
Director, Countrywide
Environmental Services

Source: PPC94

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