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18 September 2020

JOIN IN: Two new BPCA Committees now recruiting

BPCA is calling out for employees of member companies to join our new committees. The Outreach & Communication Committee and the Professional Standards Committee will launch later this year. 

new Committees

The new Committees of the Board will sit alongside the Servicing Committee and the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee to help drive the Association’s strategy with members taking the lead. 

To sit on a BPCA committee, you must work for a BPCA full member company and have the permission of your employer. You’d be expected to join a meeting four times a year (sometimes remotely over Zoom, sometimes in person). 

BPCA Committees are the life-blood of the Association. Almost everything we achieve is at the behest and with the support of our current committee volunteers. If you’ve ever thought “BPCA should sort out this” or “pest management would be better if...”, now is the time to make it happen.

Ian Andrew, Chief Exec

Professional Standards Committee

This committee was established to support the Executive Board in reviewing and formulating strategies for promoting professionalism across BPCA’s membership. 

It will manage the review and implementation of any amendment to professional requirements. It’ll also work to ensure adherence to BPCA’s Code of Conduct and have oversight of complaints.

Currently, in practice, the Executive Board is the Professional Standards Committee; however, having a separate committee shows that BPCA prioritises professional standards.

You should join this committee if you have an interest in:

  • BPCA’s membership criteria
  • BPCA audits and standards
  • Training, qualifications, CPD and competency
  • Business processes 
  • Support resources 
  • High professional standards.

Register your interest now

Outreach and Communications Committee

Being the voice of our members in the sector and beyond is as vital to BPCA as raising professional standards.

Currently, public relations, public affairs and member communications have no single point of accountability within the governance structure.

The new Outreach and Communications Committee will look at our channels of communication and their effectiveness. 

It will also consider how we extend the reach of our communications and support communication in the critical market sectors (food, retail, facilities management, housing, etc) where we seek to raise awareness of BPCA membership.

You should join this committee if you have an interest in:

  • Lobbying legislators and governments
  • Press and public relations
  • Promotion and marketing 
  • Collaborating with other sectors
  • Trade shows, BPCA Forums and events
  • PPC magazine, email Bulletins, social media and our website.

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Top reasons to join a BPCA Committee

Beyond supporting the Association, volunteering for a committee can be an excellent opportunity for you personally.

  1. Support your Association and help it grow
  2. Have your voice heard directly by the Executive Board and the Staff team
  3. Make a difference to BPCA and the whole professional sector 
  4. Learn from your peers in different companies and share ideas
  5. Collaborate and network with organisations 
  6. Develop your skills and knowledge
  7. Earn CPD points from your committee work
  8. Have some fun (Committee meetings are very social affairs)! 


If you have any questions or want an informal chat about a particular committee contact

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