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05 November 2020

Kevin Higgins leaves BPCA as Membership Manager

We’re sad to report Kevin Higgins has said his farewells to the Association.

Kevin Higgins leaves BPCA

Kevin has been an avid supporter of BPCA for many years, as a member, a Committee Member, an Executive Board member, the President, a consultant, the MD of our subsidiary TAS, and then finally as our Membership Manager.

Kevin resigned his position on the BPCA Staff team to give himself plenty more time to enjoy his hobbies. However, he’s keen to continue to be a part of the sector. He will be looking to pick up some select independent consultancy work to keep him occupied between his walking holidays and catching up with friends.

Kevin said:

“It’s sad to be leaving such a dedicated and talented Staff team, all of whom I will miss very much, but it’s time for me to spend less time working and more time enjoying myself.

“BPCA continues to be a significant mark of quality within the industry, and I’m still very passionate about its aim to drive professional practice. I’m leaving the Association in great hands to see this work continued.

“Throughout my time as a BPCA volunteer and then as a member of staff, all I’ve ever wanted was to gain the trust of SMEs and bring them into membership. It’s been a great privilege to mentor members and watch them grow and thrive”.

A real BPCA Life Member

With a career in pest control stretching back over many years, Kevin operated his own pest management company building it into a national account. During his time in membership, Kevin served an unprecedented three consecutive terms as President and is a life member of the Association which was awarded back in 2006.

After selling his company, Kevin continued to be involved with the Association eventually joining the BPCA Staff team as a Regional Mentor in 2008. Later, his job title changed to Membership Manager, however his mission to share his wealth of business experience with BPCA members remained the same.

Over his time with BPCA, Kevin helped develop the BPCA Diploma (which later became Level 2 Award in Pest Management), was instrumental in establishing CPD for the sector and brought more SME’s into membership and onto the Board.

He also established an NHS Model Contract for pest services. Kevin was an avid champion of BPCA Registered, seeing the recognition of individuals as an essential step for a professional sector.

Kevin’s support of BPCA members and his colleagues is well known across the sector. His friendly, passionate personality will be well missed by the Staff team and the industry alike.

Kevin has been an incredible friend to the team and an asset to BPCA as a volunteer, past President and employee.

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Exec

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Exec, said:

“Kevin has made a significant contribution to public health pest control throughout his career. He has been an incredible friend to the team and an asset to BPCA as a volunteer, past President and employee.

“He leaves a significant gap in experience and knowledge but knowing Kevin; he will still be around to help and support us.

“We wish him well in whatever the future may hold for him”.


Members and industry representatives are invited to leave a message for Kevin.

Everyone’s messages will be printed on the card and sent to Kevin at the end of 2020.

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