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26 March 2020

Pest management professionals formally key workers in Northern Ireland

We can confirm that pest management professionals are formally recognised as key workers in Northern Ireland.

This response confirms that pest controllers in Northern Ireland will have the choice to continue working if or when we enter stricter lockdown.

pest management recognised as key in northern ireland covid 2

Following extensive lobbying, BPCA received confirmation this morning from the Department of Education in Northern Ireland that pest management is recognised as essential work and some jobs must continue during the pandemic.

The response to our letter sent directly to the Department of Education, among others, read:

"As you have noted from the Minister’s initial statement, he did not expressly reference professional pest management staff as falling within the considerations of who may be deemed key workers.

"I must stress however that the Minister did point out that the initial list was not prescriptive and was offered only to provide some broad guidance. I can confirm that pest control staff are included in the NI analysis of key workers and I hope this provides the assurance you have been seeking."

This is a huge step in the right direction for the industry and we’re looking forward to hearing similar responses in England, Scotland and Wales.

You can read our guidance "Should I keep trading/go out on a job?" here.

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