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07 March 2019

PestEx 2019: 15 top tips for visiting a trade show

It's not long now until PestEx 2019. Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your time at the pest management show. 


Register today

The pest management show is going to have queues for admission! Take the fast track and pre-register online. It takes two minutes

Save the date

We all get busy, but staying connected with your community is just as important as any regular work. Make sure the work diary on 20-21 March says “PestEx”.

Bring a friend

You’ll be surprised how useful it is having a second (or third) pair of eyes looking out for you. If you’re the boss, bring a couple of your team with you to show them what the pest community looks like.

Tell people you’re going

Going to events like the pest management show helps to prove to your clients that you’re serious about your profession. Do a social media update, a news item on your website or even pop it on your 'out-of-office'.

Have a plan...

The full seminar schedule and exhibitors floorplan is on pages 13-18 so make good use of it and put a star next to any presentations or exhibitors you really want to visit. With 100 exhibitors and two seminar theatres, you need to maximise your time to make meaningful connections.

...but be flexible

Keep an open mind as you walk through the exhibition. Opportunity often strikes where it’s least expected!

Book somewhere to stay

The only way to properly experience PestEx is a two-day visit. Hotels around the ExCeL book up quickly. If you’re struggling, look for a hotel a short tube ride away or an AirBnB.


Take business cards

PestEx is all about making connections. Have a pocket full of business cards ready to hand out. You never know where the right connection might lead!

Arrive at seminars early

The seminar theatres have limited seating and are first come, first served. Arrive early to make sure you don’t leave disappointed.

Take notes

When we go to tradeshows, our show guides are always covered in important scrawls and new ideas. We’d say take a pen - but we’re sure you’ll find a few new ones across the exhibition hall.

Ask questions

There’s no better place to have all your pest related queries answered than PestEx. How often do you have the biggest names in pest management from around the world in the same room?

Take a selfie

Send a couple of tweets, update your company Facebook and take loads of pictures of what you’re doing at PestEx. Clients love to see companies that take pride in being a part of their professional community!


Read all the things

Don’t get us wrong, plenty of stuff will be on the recycling pile by Friday lunchtime - just make sure that you’ve at least scanned all the literature for anything important or interesting.

Feedback to the team

The entire point of the pest management show is to connect with new ideas and grow as a business. Spread the knowledge and capitalise on any good ideas while the information’s still fresh.

Follow up with contacts

The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to forget who was offering what and pricing might even change. Capitalise on the human connection and you might just end up with a discount for your troubles.

Register for PestEx 2019

Source: PPC94