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15 July 2019

Use up your Ficam D, says Bayer

Following changes to the Ficam® D label, pest controllers are being reminded by BPCA member Bayer to use up any stocks with old labels, displaying HSE 4829, by 25 July 2019.

Alternatively, you can replace the label on your old stock with the newer label available directly from Bayer. 

News image Use up old stocks of Ficam D

The well-known insecticide was re-approved with a new label earlier this year but with the caveat that it can only be applied indoors, which includes indoor nests that can be treated from outdoors.

For any queries on this, please contact the Bayer Pest Solutions Team at pestsolutions@bayer.com or on 00800 1214 9451.

If you're a BPCA member, then you can also get in touch with our technical team at technical@bpca.org.uk or call 01332 294 288.

Important things to know about Ficam D

  • Ficam D is still on the market 
  • Internal treatments can be made from an external access point
  • 20-60g application rate
  • Can be applied in houses, flats, hospitals, warehouses, factories and vehicles 


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Source: Bayer Press Release