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02 January 2018

Servicing Members must pass their EN16636 audits in 2019

As of 1 January 2019, the BPCA Membership criteria will be amended to state that all Servicing Members must have passed their EN16636 audits.

Members must make sure all non-conformities are closed out by the deadline date, or they will be unable to renew their membership.

BPCA Membership Manager, Kevin Higgins, said:

“The change in criteria recognises the overwhelmingly impressive results from the last 18 months of member audits.

“Now the first cycle is complete, it’s clear that BPCA members are more than ready for the EN16636 standard and the auditing process.

“We’re confident that we can support members through their audit and close out non-conformities, thereby demonstrating the unparalleled professionalism of the BPCA membership community.”

The BPCA Technical Team is available to help members with any non-conformities they might have.

If you’re a member with any concerns about how the criteria change might affect your company, please contact membership@bpca.org.uk

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