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Options for mosquito management in the UK

PPC Live Seminar: Mosquitoes in the UK can create a distressing biting nuisance, and experts agree that climate change will make the UK more vulnerable to mosquito problems. 

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies
Head of Technical Department

Early detection and treatment of mosquitoes are therefore essential in terms of protecting public health.

Dr Matthew Davies of Killgerm is set to provide a comprehensive overview of mosquito biology, recognition, and management techniques, including both physical and chemical control options, to help prepare the sector for the future.

The National Pest Advisory Panel of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (NPAP CIEH), in conjunction with Public Health England (PHE), has produced guidance on the management of invasive species of mosquitoes with support from Killgerm. Dr Davies will be talking about their findings and what it means for the professional pest controller.

1 CPD point for this seminar + 2 points for attending PPC Live. 

This talk is perfect for:

  • Business owners asking the big “what’s next?” question
  • Technicians wanting to get a headstart on their colleagues
  • Researchers, field biologists, local authorities and associated sectors concerned with public health.

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