28 March 2022

Bed bug tape launched by Andermatt UK at PestEx


InsectoSec Tape was successfully launched by Andermatt UK at PestEx 2022 in March.

Bed bug tape launched by Andermatt UK at PestEx

This is a self-adhesive tape containing diatomaceous earth that can be used to discretely prevent and control bed bug infestations. 

InsectoSec Tape is described by Andermatt as being "long-lasting, functional and effective against all life stages of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), including those resistant to the commonly applied insecticides".

The paper tape is designed to create a dark and confined tunnel with attractive crevices into which the bed bugs can hide.

Once in contact with the tape, the bugs die from desiccation as the diatomaceous earth contained within absorbs their protective wax layer.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural product made from fossilised silica algae so is not harmful to people or pets if ingested or touched.

The tape, which comes in 30m rolls, can be easily cut with scissors to very discreetly fit any furniture. It should be applied to the hidden surfaces likely to be inhabited by bed bugs, for example the underside of beds, behind bedside tables or headboards.

It does not require any maintenance and is effective for up to two years. It is ideal for use by professional pest controllers in hospitality, hotel or residential situations.

InsectoSec Tape was researched and developed by Nattaro Labs in Sweden, the manufacturers of Nattaro Scout bed bug traps and attractants.

It is available in the UK from East Sussex-based Andermatt UK and also from Killgerm Chemicals.

Summing up the launch at PestEx 2022 Dr Andrew Brown, Andermatt UK Managing Director, said: “The interest in InsectoSec Tape was impressive. Pest professionals were quick to see the unique opportunities offered by the product and how they can incorporate it into their bed bug treatment programmes.”


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