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TechAssure: Rodent Pest Management Competency Assessment

TechAssure is a BPCA accredited assessment that tests your competency in controlling rodents. 

Using 3D technology, you will be assessed on your ability to identify, control and prevent the re-occurrence of a pest issue in a realistic environment.

TechAssure a virtual assessment of practical skills and knowledge by BPCA

This assessment is perfect for entry-level pest technicians, those preparing for their Level 2 Award in Pest Management, or anyone who has recently completed their Level 2 qualification.

The assessment is taken entirely online.



To achieve the Rodent Pest Management accreditation, you will be assessed on:

 • Your ability to carry out a site survey
 • Your ability to identify the type of pest infestation
 • Your ability to identify the root cause of the infestation
 • Your ability to select and place safe and effective treatments
 • Your understanding of how building structures can impact pest control
 • Your understanding of legislation and stewardship relating to pest management
 • Your ability to provide effective pest management strategies to your customer safely and responsibly.

Upon successful completion of this assessment, you will receive a BPCA Competency in Rodent Pest Management certificate.

Level: Foundation
Prerequisites: None
Delivery: Online assessment
Additional Study: Level 2 Award in Pest Management
Assessment: Exam
BPCA Registered CPD points: NA
BASIS Prompt points: NA

While there isn't a pre-course entry requirement for this programme, you may find it useful to study the Level 2 Award in Pest Management. This BPCA accrediation is open to all.



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This is an online 3D virtual reality timed assessment.

You will be expected to use the Practice Area to familiarise yourself with the controls prior to entering the assessment area. You will be able to spend as much time as you need in the Practice Area.

Once you enter the assessment area, you MUST complete the assessment. If you exit before submitting your assessment, you will not be able to re-enter.

System requirements

The assessment is held on our web server. To take the assessment, you will need to ensure you can use one of the following browsers:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (above 7)
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer (11 and above).

There are known compatibility issues with:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and below
  • Safari 7 and below.



This 3D virtual reality online assessment assesses your ability to identify and control a pest infestation in a realistic environment.

You will enter the environment and be able to move 360 degrees within that environment to survey the site.

The site will consist of two environments – one inside and one outside. You will need to survey both environments to identify the pest involved and the root cause of the infestation.

You will need to complete your survey before deciding on a control strategy.

You will have a toolbox of non-chemical and chemical control options from which to choose. Once you have decided on a strategy, you will select from this toolbox and place these controls within the environments where you feel will be most effective.

You will be assessed on whether your choice of control and its placement would be safe and effective.

Major and minor fails

Assessment will be based on minor and major fails. Minor fails would be given where your choice of control is not the most effective but is still legal and safe. You will be allowed a few minor fails and still pass the assessment.

Major fails are where your treatment choice is unsafe or illegal. You will fail the assessment if one major fail is made.

You will receive your results immediately upon submission of your assessment and the number of minor and major fails.

You will receive your certificate within seven working days if you have passed the assessment.

If you have failed the assessment, you will receive notification of the areas in which minor/major fails have been made. 




  Including VAT Excluding VAT
Members £60 £50
Non-members £90 £75

Cancellation Terms:

Exam Cancellations will only be accepted on receipt of written instruction and are effective from the date received by BPCA.

• More than 15 working days prior to exam: No charge
• 15 working days or less: 100% of fee.